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Quality Gunstocks--Wood, Fiberglass, Laminates, and Composites
Long-range shooting demands a good stock that rides the bags well with a low center of gravity. And remember, when it comes to recoil, even with the 6mm BR, mass is your friend. So, select the heaviest stock that will let you meet weight limits: 10.5 lbs for BR Light Varmint or Sporter Class, 13.5 lbs for BR Heavy Varmint, 16.5 lbs (Williamsport) or 17lbs (IBS and NBRSA) for 600-yard and 1000-yard light gun, 22 lbs (10kg) for F-Class.

A short-range benchrest stock should be rigid, easy to handle around the bags, straight-tracking, and well-adapted to a free-recoil style with a cut-back grip. For Varminting, we like laminated wood, with some drop to the toe, and a fore-end suitable for both bipod and sandbags. A bit of angle or "drop" in the buttstock makes it easier to adjust for elevation manually when shooting in the field.

Tactical shooters need rugged, versatile gunstocks that will work from prone, seated, kneeling, and standing positions. Tactical stocks need to balance and function well with both a bipod and when shot from a rucksack or improvised rest. Most tactical shooters prefer a detachable box magazine, so you need a stock that is adapted to fit mag-friendly bottom metal.

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