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Gun Stocks > Robertson Composites H&H Prone
Robertson Composites H&H Prone

Price: $275.00

This is a variation of the Robertson Original prone stock. It features a completely straight fore-arm, with an adjustable comb. Designed by Tony Halberg and John Hastie of New Zealand. Similar to the Robertson's original design but with a parallel forend and slightly smaller grip. Used by the NZ Palma team with the Millennium action. Designed to fit the wide body actions. Butt profiled to accept Anschutz accessories. Separate cheek piece. This is Robertson's most popular prone stock, also used by the USAMU. Price is $275 (un-inletted) for the basic stock. Add $130 for 3-way buttplate system; add $105 for inletting; add $50-$75 for special colors; add $45 for installed accessory rail. Many other options available.

-Overall length 30.125”
-Front of grip to butt 10.5”
-Depth at action 2.00”
-Width at action 2.25”
-Depth at tip 2.00”
-Width at tip 2.25”
-Weight before inletting ~3.7lbs

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