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AccurateShooter.com Article with Link Summary
2008 NBRSA 600-Yard Nat'ls Report 6 Dasher/BRX win big, Tierney TubeGun, 260AI.
2006 F-Class Nationals Report New Gear, 7 WSM, Interviews with Winners
2008 Shot Show Exclusive Report PT&G, S&B Scope, New Rests, New Actions.
2006 Shot Show Exclusive Report 6.5x47, Norma 6XC, New Optics, PVM Chron
2005 Shot Show Exclusive Report New Norma Powder, RCBS Dies, Dakota Rifle
2004 Turkey SHOOT Contest (completed) Postal Match Target and Rules
22BR Basics and Load Guide Case-forming, Bullets, Powders, Load Map
22LR Rimfire Tactical Match (NEW) Match Info, Scenarios, Ballistics, Guns
30BR Basics and Load Guide Case-forming, Bullets, Powders, Load Map
6BR Improved & Dasher Cartridge Guide Photos and Specs: 6 Dasher, 6BRX, 6BRBS
6BR Improved Case-Forming Guide How to Make Dasher, 6Ubl, 6BRX cases
6BR-Ubl Case-forming and Load Dev, by FlatlanderField tests and match results
6BRX Barnard Mastin Prone Rifle, by S. Parker Load Dev, Accuracy (.2 MOA), Off-set Stock
6BRX Basics, by Bob Crone Case-forming, Chamber Reamers, Performance
6PPC Champions' Tips and Match Strategies Advice from Borden, Euber, Speedy, Sauter
6XC Cartridge Guide, by David Tubb Origins, Loading, 115 VLD, Dies, Match Wins
6x47 Swiss Match Cartridge Intro Brief History, Photos, Brass Sources
6.5mm Grendel Cartridge Guide, by Arne Brennan Origins, Load Data, F-Class SG&Y Rifle
100 and 200-yard Reg'd Benchrest Competition IBS & NBRSA Basic Rules, Gear, 30BR
260 Rem Ackley Improved Case-Forming Fire-Forming Methods; Donut Removal
300m Competition Euro Match Rifles, Match Scoring, USA 300m
600-yard Competition Basics of 600yd BR shooting, Match Results
1000-yard Competition, Part I, by Jason Baney 1000yd Basics, Equipment, Clubs
1000-yard Competition, Part II, by Jason Baney Gear selection, Scopes, Reloading, Ballistics
1000-yard Ladder Testing; Load Dev, by J. Baney Methodology for Long Range Load Dev.
1000-yd 10-shot World Record by 6mm BR Kyle Brown's 4.2" 10-shot World Record
1000-yd Record 6-Target Aggregate, with R. Schatz New NBRSA LG Record set with 6 Dasher
1000-yd Heavy Guns (Big Boomers), with B. Baer Gear, Rules, and Cartridges for 1K HG
Annealing Cases for Precision Shooting, by K. Light Annealing Methods and BC 1000 Machine
Auctions & Online Classifieds--Sell Your Stuff Ad Rates, Auction Fees, How to Sell Tips
Balance-Beam Powder Scales Precision Tests Six-Sigma Testing of Scales and Prometheus
Ballistics and Specs of 115 DTAC, by Henry Childs BC Calcs and Complete Bullet specs
Ballistics Programs: Web-based and Downloadable JBM online calculator, Point-Blank & Pejsa DL
Barrel Lifespan and Actual Cost Per Shot Cost Per Shot Calculated by Barrel Life
Benchrest School--San Gabriel's Training Program Reloading Tips, New Gear, Rests, Optics
Berger 105gr 6mm VLD Bullet Review Match Results and HBC's Ballistics Test
Book Reviews--Top Dozen Shooting Titles Best Books for BR and Precision Shooting
Bore Brushing--How Much Is Too Much? Top Shooters, Smiths & Barrel-Makers' Advice
Bore Cleaning Methods & Best Products Easier Cleaning with Less Barrel Wear
Broughton's 5C Barrel Profile Report Description of 5R and 5C Canted Land Rifling
Bugholes from Bipod, Part I, Interview with Froggy Hard-hold, Bipod Precision Shooting Skills
Bugholes from Bipod, Part II, Interview with Froggy Advanced Reloading Methods, 6.5-284 & .308
Bullet Bearing Surface Sorting, by Larry Medler Test Results with Tubb BS Comparator Tool
Bullet Coating (Boron Nitride, Tungsten WS2, Moly) Step by Step Application Guide for HBN, WS2
Bullet Pointing Tool Review, by Jason Baney Test Results with Whidden Bullet Pointer
Burris Signature Scope Rings Gear Review Field Reports, Photos, Mounting Tips
California Varmint Silhouette Matches Silhouette Fun Comps in Ojai & Pala, CA
Case Preparation Complete Guide, by J. Gottfredson Prep A-Z with Uniforming and Neck-turning
Case-Neck Uniformity & Measuring Tools Guide to Neckwall Thickness Gauges
Chamber Reamers for 6BR, by Dave Kiff Custom Reamer specs and mfg. methods
Competition Cartridges--Evolution, by Ray Meketa 222 Rem, 220 Rus/PPC, .308 Win
Corrosion Protection Products -- Field Tests Tests of Rust-Blocking Lubes, Plus Dessicants
Denver Instrument MXX-123 Scale TestConfirms .02gr Precision, 10-10 Comparison
Dies: Full-Length Bushing Dies, by Jim CarstensenCustom FL Dies and Die Conversions
DTAC (Tubb) 115gr 6mm Bullet Review Photos, Field Reports, Ballistics, Vendors
Egg Shoots & Varmint Matches, by Mark Schronce Shoot report, 600yd BR, 80gr Fowler bullets

AccurateShooter.com Article with Link Summary
Event Calendar and Match Schedules Month by Month Calendar with Match Info
Eye TECH: Eye Protection for Shooters ANSI Z87.1 Safety Glasses Reviewed
F-Class Competition Primer Basic rules, strategies, equipment list
F-Class Competition Stocks Showcase NEW McMillan, Robertson, SG&Y designs
F-TR "Tactical" .308 Competition, by Brad Sauve Tips/Advice from US F-TR Champion
F-Class Pedestal Rest Project, by Larry Medler Converting Bench Rest for Ground Use
Factory-Loaded 6mm BR ammo Lapua and Norma Specs., Prices, Sources
GroundHog Match at 200m, 300m, 500m J. Baney Explains how to Win in the Wind
Gun Safe Buyers' Guide Locks, Fire Proofing, Interiors, Safe Reviews
Harrell's Combo Press Test Report, by Boyd Allen Portable Dual Arbor/Threaded Press
Heavy Bullets for Long Range, by G. Salazar Advantage of Heavy Bullets Demonstrated.
Hickory 2005 Groung Hog and Egg Shoot Hickory Rules; Champ's Tips & Gun Specs
High Power Basics -- Guns, Gear, Rules Skills and Hardware for High Power matches.
Holiday GUN GEAR Buyers Guide 2006 Best Products Reviewed, $5 to $1500+
Holiday GUN GEAR Buyers Guide 2005 Best Products Reviewed, $5 to $1500+
Horizontal Wind Drift vs. Distance (Rule of Square) Discussion of Wind Drift Compensation
How to Break-in a Barrel, by Gale McMillan GM advocates minimal break-in method
How to Reduce Vertical, by Speedy Gonzalez Hardware Fixes, Wind Tips, & Gun-Handling
Leica 1200 Laser Range-Finder Review Field Report, Owners' Comments, Best Prices
Load Map for 6mm BR Varmint Bullets Recommended loads for 40-87gr bullets
Meplat Trimming and Uniforming, by Danny Reever Montour Tool Test & Uniforming Tips
Mirage Reading 'How To' Guide, by Gail McMillan How to Read, Analyze, and Quantify Mirage
Moly Bullet Coating and Barrel Wear Norma Test Results on Throat Erosion
Moly Home Bullet-Coating System, by Larry Medler Moly-Coating Bullets with Thumler's Tumbler
Optics: Choosing a High-magnification Scope 12 Scope Reviews, Tech Guide, Buyer's Tips
Optics: Parallax in Rifle Scopes, by U.S. Optics Parallax Defined, Design Solutions Reviewed
Optics: Premium Spotting Scopes, by D. Reever Pentax, Swarovski, and Zeiss Reviewed
Painting & Clear-Coating Stocks, by Mike Ricklefs Step by Step Guide to Stock Prep & Painting
Pillar Bedding Stress-Free Method, by R. Franklin Step-by-Step Pillar Bedding Instructions
Pod-Loc (by KMW) for Harris Bipod Full Review with Mounting Instructions
Powder Dispenser (Digital) Product Tests, Part I RCBS, Lyman, and PACT Summary Review
Powder Dispenser (Digital) Product Tests, Part II Test Data/Photos on RCBS, Lyman, PACT
Powder Tricklers (Powered) Review, by D. Reever Franford Arsenal vs. Vibrashine Units
Precision MIC for 6BR, 22BR, 30BR, by Caduceus Adapting RCBS tool for BR family cases.
QuickLOAD Review & Users' Guide Key Features of Reloading Software<;/TD>
Quotes from 6BR Archives Nuggets of wisdom from top shooters
Reactive Targets in Review Buyer's Guide to Steel LR Targets
Rem 700 Mag-Feed Fix For 6BR, by Mike Bryant How to Convert Rem 700 Magazine for 6BR
Schmidt & Bender PMII Scopes, by Sniper's Hide Detailed Field Test of 4-16x50 Tactical Optic
Stoney Point OAL Gauge and Bullet ComparatorTool Review & Ogive Measurement Tips
Tactical Bolt Rifle Shooters' GuideBest Calibers, Match COF, Tactical Gear
Tactical Competitions with .260AI, by Terry CrossMatch Tips, 6.5-08 Load Info, Accuracy Int'l
Target Group Size Measuring Software ReviewOnTarget Software Features and User Tips.
CG-Jackson 2-Stage Trigger Review, by G. SalazarTests of CG-Jackson Universal Match Trigger
Tubb 2000 for High-Power, 22BR Tips and 22BR loads for 90gr JLK
Ultrasonic Case Cleaning Guide, by J. Baney Methods, Equipment, Solvent Testing
Varmint Reloading Recipes for 6mm BR Norma Varminter Hunting Loads for 50-87gr Bullets
Warner "Maxi" Full-Length Bushing Die Die with body and neck-shoulder inserts


GLOSSARY of Firearms Terminology from CCI

6mm BR Load Guide from VarmintsForFun.com

6mm Norma BR Blue-Prints and Ballistics

6mm Norma BR Diamond Line Review

6.5mm Grendel in AR15s by J. Guthrie, Guns and Hunting.

Action Truing -- Photo Feature by Mike Bryant

Annealing Custom Cartridge Cases (GunTests.com)

Barrel-Making--A Summary by Border Barrels (outstanding)

Canted Rifles--Effect on Bullet Point of Impact (Good diagrams.)

Getting Started in Highpower by Clint Greenwood (ShootersJournal.com)

K&M Doughnut Cutters--Do They Really Work? by Larry Medler

Mike J's 6mm Rem Ackley Improved Page Comprehensive 6mm Rem AI Load Data.

Milender's 243 Ackley Improved Page Comprehensive 243 AI Load Data

Rimfire Benchrest--UK Rimfire BR Assn. Great Site with Shooting News and Targets

Savage Re-Barreling How-To Guide by Mark Hudson, Brownell's WebBench.

Silencer Tests. Robert Silvers' website. Most complete and scientific suppressor tests on the web.

The First Shot, Online Newsletter from the Civilian Marksmanship Program

The 'Twenty Practical' -- A Great 20-223 Wildcat from Weaver Rifles

Virtual Benchrest Shooting Simulator from Benchrest-Russia.com, (Very Cool)

What Is MOA and Is It Really an Inch At 100 Yards? by Dexadine Ballistics

What Makes a Rifle Barrel Accurate by Dan Lilja

Working with a Gunsmith by Glen Zediker (.pdf file)

Varmint Al's 3-D Stress Analysis of Stolle Bolt
and 3-D Stress Analysis of BAT action.
Very cool LS-DYNA Finite Element imaging:

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