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When you are NOT competing with a precision rifle,
what type of "fun shooting" do you enjoy the most?

Date Latest Polls Votes
22-Jun-07 Fun Shooting User Survey 6616 votes
25-Feb-07 Favorite Varmint Caliber Survey 4158 votes
02-Jan-07 Rimfire Content Survey 1504 votes
12-Dec-06 Shooters' Wish List for Santa 1026 votes
25-Sep-06 Laser RangeFinder Survey 1310 votes
08-Jul-06 Rifle Ownership Survey 2858 votes
25-May-06 Range Proximity Poll 1577 votes
11-Apr-06 Powder Dispensing Method Survey 1990 votes
03-Mar-06 How Often Do You Shoot? 1666 votes
24-Jan-06 Other Shooting Activities Survey 1018 votes
16-Dec-05 GEAR Wish List Survey 1030 votes
30-Oct-05 Your Next Rifle -- What Caliber? 3741 votes
24-Aug-05 Moly vs. Naked Bullet Survey 2155 votes
03-Jul-05 New Sister-Site Name Survey 882 votes
05-Apr-05 Site Content Preference Survey 807 votes
15-Feb-05 New Products -- What Would You Like to See? 931 votes
13-Dec-04 Shooting Budget--How Much Do You Spend? 1505 votes
24-Oct-04 Additional Featured Calibers Survey 1608 votes
23-Sep-04 Shooting Style Survey (Distance & Discipline) 1464 votes
02-Sep-04 High-Power Target Scope Survey 7042 votes
16-Aug-04 Barrel Choice 3085 votes
09-Aug-04 Favorite Action 2815 votes
03-Aug-04 Neck Diameter Survey 1236 votes
03-Aug-04 6 BR Bullet Preference 2039 votes

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