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Rimfire, 100/200 yd BR, 300m, 600 yd BR, 1000 yd BR, F-Class, High Power
Here's a collection of information to get you started in the competitive side of precision shooting. From informal club matches to 1000yd F-Class championships, shooting against competition is the best way to improve your marksmanship and wind-reading skills.


Rimfire Sporter Rifle (CMP)
Rimfire Tactical Matches
100/200 Yard BR
300m Competition
300m Links
600 Yard BR
1000 Yard BR
F-Class Info Site
Excellent new site with F-Class rules and match guidelines.
Field Target and Hunter Field Target Competition
Intro to NRA High Power Competition
High Power Links (Clubs, Components, Forums)
Shooters Journal (Highpower, Palma, SmallBore)
Delphi Forum. Entry must be approved by Moderator. Serious Shooters.
CMP Club & Competition Tracker
Scheduled CMP matches with Range Locations. Air Rifle, Highpower, and Garand.
Match Plot Sheets
The Desert Sharpshooters offer plot sheets for marking match scores and wind calls. Plot Sheets are available for all High Power, 300m, and F-Class yardages, from 200 to 1000 yards. These are Acrobat (.pdf) files for easy printing. At right is a sample F-Class 600 yard plot sheet.

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