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Gun Stocks > West Custom 008 Long-Range Benchrest
West Custom 008 Long-Range Benchrest

Price: $360.00

A beautiful #008 F-Class/1000-yard stock in Fancy Maple from West Custom Rifles. Like other Greg West stocks, this is based on a Richard Franklin Design. (Greg acquired Franklin's stock-making business.) These stocks feature zero drop in the toe, a deep relief for the thumb and a vertical grip. They track superbly and shoot as good as they look. This stock is $260 in Rutland laminate, or $360 in laminated cherry or walnut. Add $200-$300 or so for AAA hardwood such as the fancy Curly Maple as shown. Weight is about 4.5 lbs, inletted. The price includes inletting for Rem and most custom actions.

Greg West
1052 Slow Walk Drive
Vinton, VA 24179

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