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Gun Stocks > Lone Wolf 1000 yd MBR Stock
Lone Wolf 1000 yd MBR Stock

Price: $325.00

Lone Wolf 1000yd Stock
Like McMillan's Tooley MBR (glass), and Shehane's Tracker MBR (wood), the Lone Wolf 1000 tracks superbly. The vertical pistol grip and high comb help when shooting prone. Among the various Tooley clones, the McMillan MBR has the most down angle in the toe of the stock, the Tracker MBR has a thinner profile around the grip and stock wrist, while the Lone Wolf is the most rigid with the most vertical grip. These stocks run about $325 before inletting. Photo is Kyle Brown with his world record-setting Lone Wolf 6mmBR.

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