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Gun Stocks > Ross Universal Aluminum Stock
Ross Universal Aluminum Stock

Price: $1,095.00

Designed for Palma, Prone, and High-Power Shooting, the Ross Precision stock is a state of the art product. It features highly ergonomic grip, bolt-in action mounting, and 3-way adjustable cheekpiece and buttstock. It weighs 4.75 lbs without handstop and comes with high-grade oiled walnut wood inserts. The stock frame is availabe in silver, light blue, and red anodized colors. Cost for stock alone is $1095, or a complete rifle (with Gilkes-Ross action) is $3149. Go to RossPrecision.com for more specifics and many more photos.

Ross Stock Specifications

Weight ~ 4 lbs. 12 oz. (not including forearm stop)
Length ~ 28-31 inches (min.-max. butt extension)
Width at Forearm ~ 2.3 inches
Cast-Off Adjustment ~ 0 - .75 inches
Forearm Rail ~ 10 inches (detachable)
Pistol Grip Height ~ 4.5 inches
Cheek Piece Vertical Adjustment ~ 1 inch
Barrel-Clamp ~ 1 inch diam., 3 inch length, 8 bolts

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