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Gun Stocks > Dierks Carbon 1000yd BR
Dierks Carbon 1000yd BR

Price: $375.00

Dierks Custom Products
1491 Greg Street, Sparks, NV 89431
Phone: (775) 331-1139 M - F, 12AM - 4PM PST
Action Gun Works

Randy Dierks tells us: "We built nine prototypes before we got a 1000 yard benchrest stock that performs to our standards. It is Carbon Fiber (also known as graphite) with less than 20% E-glass added for impact resistance for the highest stiffness to weight ratio. The stock weighs 1.5 pounds. It comes in clear carbon fiber finish in any length of pull up to 16". Available for Remington and most popular custom actions. Pillar bedding and custom paint available. Note: Some well respected people say that carbon fiber stocks are too stiff and don't shoot well. Unfortanately this is the result of stock companies just adding carbon fiber to their normal stock layup. The proper way to use carbon fiber is to design the stock for its use from the ground up. Because carbon fiber is up to 300% stiffer per pound than e-glass, if two stocks are engineered for the same stiffness the carbon fiber stock will weigh less than half the weight of one made of glass."

Note, the stock it comes inletted for a Remington 700 action. However, Randy noted "If you are using any other action we can modify the inletting for it but we only offer this service when we are bedding the gun in house as the inletting is molded into the stock not cut in."

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