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MasterClass High-Power Prone

Price: $815.00

Beautiful MasterClass 6.5-284 Barnard with a superb tiger-striped blank of California Claro Walnut. The stock features a high-gloss oil finish. Metal work by Warner Tool. Stock price, as shown, is about $1000 as a complete package described below.

Complete Package
A custom hand-fitted stock. Properly fitted to your barreled action. Includes pillar bedding of customer's action, float barrel 100%, choice of Anchultz or Freeland handstop rail, turnwheel cheekpiece, Master Class 3-way buttplate at customer’s length of pull, interior properly sealed, with or w/o vent slots. Proper depth of 5 rounds down, check and evaluate feed.

Fiberglass with Textured Paint * $ 825.00
Fiberglass with 2 color Gel Coat * $ 860.00
Wood Laminate * $ 860.00
Claro or Black Walnut * $ 950.00 and up

Purchase From:
MasterClass Stocks (Alex Sitman)
611 East Second Street
Bellwood, PA 16617

Ph:(814) 742-7868
Fax: (814) 742-9372

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