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Mastin Prone Stock

Price: $700.00
Availability: in stock

Australia's Mastin stock-makers produce a variety of wood laminate stocks for prone, Palma, High-power, and F-class shooting. The stock shown below is an offset prone stock. The buttstock is set about 1.5" to the right of centerline and canted slightly. This creates a very comfortable cheek weld and places the shooter's right eye directly behind the sights/scope.

One of the best features of the Mastin stocks is the optional V-block. For about $85 extra you can order a Mastin with the metal V-block installed. This makes attaching the action a simple bolt-in operation with no conventional bedding required.

Price of a Mastin stock, with adjustable cheekpiece and adjustable buttplate, is about $700, depending on the model. Both right- and left-hand versions are available, and you can order without adjusting hardware for a much lower price. Mastins are sold by Mac Tilton of MT Guns in Santa Barbara, CA, (775) 588-9071. For more information and photos, click the links below:

Mastin Home Page

Mastin offset stock slide-show (takes a couple seconds to load).

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