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McMillan F-Class

Price: $425.00

Here is the new ultra-low profile McMillan F-class stock. The underside of the buttstock is parallel to the barrel with a 5/8" flat for great tracking and stability in the bag. The advanced, low-profile fore-end reduces torque and yaw by lowering the whole gun's center of gravity. McMillan maintained the stiffness of the thin, Edge-style fore-arm by using a honeycomb/carbon fiber box insert. You won't believe how stiff that forearm is. The stock is available in a variety of molded-in colors, starting at about $425, inletted. Adjustable cheekpiece ($121) and 3-way adjustable buttplate ($154) are optional. McMillan can adjust the fill weight to optimize the stock for 1000-yard BR (17 lbs overall gun weight) or F-class (22 lbs gun weight).

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