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Neck Turning BasicsNeck-Turning Basics
How to turn case necks: Case prep, Mandrel Use, Tool Set-up, and Cutting Technique.
by German Salazar
Long Range Load DevelopmentLoading for Long Range.
1000-Yard Ladder Testing and Long-Range Load Development.
by Jason Baney
CG Universal TriggerCG Trigger Review.
Evaluation of high-quality, adjustable 2-stage match trigger for Target Actions.
by German Salazar
Heavy Bullet AnalysisHeavy Bullets for LR.
Ballistics Analysis Shows Benefits of Shooting Heaviest Bullets in Each Caliber.
Heavy Sand for SandbagsHeavy Sand for BR Sandbags, Comparison Test: Weight and Density of Zircon, Chromite, Riverbed, and Play Sand.
Target Video Camera System1000-Yd Target CAM
Video Camera System displays shots on paper reliably to 1000 yards. Equipment list and Operation Tips.
Moly, Tungsten, Boron Nitride Bullet CoatingHow to Coat Bullets
Step-By-Step method of impact-plating Boron Nitride, Moly, or Tungsten Disulfide on your bullets. Many Photos.
OnTarget Group Measuring SoftwareMeasuring with OnTarget.
Free computer software plots group size, MOA, and distance to aim point. Full review with video demo and user tips.
Alliant Reloder 17Reloder 17 Powder Test.
Impressive state-of-the-art powder offers 150-200 fps velocity gain over other propellants. Tested in 6XC, 6.5-284, .284 Win, & .308.
Whidden Bullet Pointer SystemPoint Bullets for Better BC.
Effect of BC Variance at long range, field tests, and review of Whidden Bullet Pointing Die System.
Shooters Eye ProtectionShooters' Eye Protection.
How to select affordable, ANSI-certified Safety Glasses, standard and prescription. New Trivex and SR-91 Lens materials.
Custom ActionsCustom Actions Page.
Illustrated reviews of custom actions from Barnard, BAT, Borden, Lawton, RPA, Savage, Stiller, Stolle, Surgeon, and more.
gun safes security vault locks cabinet gunsGun Safe Buyers' Guide.
Complete safe coverage--locks, specs, fire-proofing, construction, installation, and product reviews.
Rifle Scope Nightforce Leupold Weaver BenchrestHigh-Magnification Target Scopes--Resolution, Eye Relief, Contrast, Tracking. Reviews of Burris, Leupold, Nightforce, Sightron, Weaver and Zeiss. Leica Zeiss Pentax Nikon Spotting Spotter ScopesPremium Spotting Scopes in Review. Danny Reever tests $800-$1300 Optics from Zeiss, Leica, Pentax, Nikon and picks a winner. How to select a tripod.
laser rangefinder range testLaser RangeFinders.
Detailed comparison tests of all popular makes including Leica and Swarovski. Field test by hunters and technical commentaries.
anti-corrosion rust proof protection productsAnti-Corrosion Rust Fighter Product Test. Short and long-term salt exposure tests of Breakfree, Eezox, Corrosion-X, FP-10, Militech and more.
ChargeMaster Lyman Pact RCBS Powder DispenserDigital Dispenser Tests--RCBS Chargemaster, Lyman 1200, and PACT. Speed and charge-weight accuracy stats. Unit-by-unit scale reviews. Denver Instrument MXX 123 Scale Balance TestDenver Instrument MXX-123 full test. Single-kernel accuracy demonstrated, and balance beam comparision.

reactive steel target rifle shootingGuide to Reactive Targets, including gongs, poppers, LaRues, self-resetting plates, and ballistic polymer. With Target Cam feature. Hawkeye Borescope Bore ScopeReview of Gradient Lens Corp's Hawkeye Borescope System.
by Vince Bottomley
Benchrest F-Class long-range stocksGunstock Buyers' Guide. Photos, specfications, and sources for the best short- and long-range BR stocks, and varmint stocks. USAMU Wind Reading TipsReading the Wind.
USAMU and F-Class Coach Praslick offers expert tips on Wind Reading in competition.
by SSG Emil Praslick, III
stock painting clear coating paint coat sanding buffing finish rifleGuide to Stock Painting. Stock painting and clear-coating from start to finish. Recommended materials and painting gear.
by Mike Ricklefs
forming 260 Ackley AI brassFire-Forming 260 Ackley.
Complete details on forming 260 AI brass with and without bullets--plus doughnut removal tips.
by TechShooter
Case Cartridge Preparation Sorting Neck Turning Precision ReloadingCase Preparation Guide, from start to finish, for precision shooting. How to sort, trim, turn, uniform.
by Jacob Gottfredson
Anneal Cartridge with Annealing Method Machine BC 1000Cartridge Annealing Guide. Explains popular methods of annealing, including BC 1000 automated annealer.
by Jim Harris & Ken Light
Case Cartridge SAAMI CIP blueprint drawingsCartridge Diagrams
Sample 24 popular cartridge designs in 3D illustrations with complete specifications.
QuickLOAD Review instructions software tipsQuickLOAD Review and Users' Guide, with power-user tips and feature list.
ultra sound ultrasonic cartridge brass cleaner for precision reloadingUltrasonic Brass Cleaning. Start to finish, "how-to" guide for cartridge brass cleaning using ultrasound. Field test and many photos.
by Jason Baney
22-250 brass 6XC case forming mushroom Medler6XC Case-Forming Guide. How to form 6XC cases the easy way (without mushrooming) from 22-250 brass.
by Larry Medler
barrel cleaning bore brushing solvent testBore-Brushing Pro and Con. Barrel-Makers, Top Shooters and BR Smiths debate how often you should brush (and nylon vs. bronze). Rifle Bore Cleaning Solvent BrushBore Cleaning Methods and Products. How to use WipeOut and new copper cleaners to save time and clean better.
Prometheus RCBS 10-10 Powder Scale TestBalance-beam Powder Scales, Digital Dispensers and the Prometheus--tested for precision and reliability.
by Brand Cole
neck wall thickness toolsMeasuring Neck Walls.
How to measure case neck walls with precision. Reviews of neck wall thickness gauges and micrometers.
Pillar Bedding Devcon Rifle StockStress-free Pillar Bedding. How to prepare stock, apply bedding compound, clamp action, and release barreled action. Video clips.
by Richard Franklin
JBM Point Blank Pejsa External Ballistics ProgramDownload Free Pejsa or Point Blank ballistics software, or calculate your come-ups with JBM's sophisticated ballistics web page.
Speedy Gonzalez PPC Benchrest TuningCures for Vertical Stringing. Tips for arranging rests and improving shooting techniques.
by Speedy Gonzalez
Mike Bryant Lathe Neck turningTurning Necks with Power.
Guide to powered neck-turning process with lathe or vertical mill. High-output with uniform results.
by Mike Bryant & Dan Lilja.
Competition Cartridges 30-06 222 Rem 6PPC 300 AckleyHistory and Evolution of Competition Cartridges:
222 Rem, 220 Russian, 6PPC, .308 Win, 30x47, 30-06, 300 Ackley.
by Cheechako
Moly Bullet Coating Test by NormaMoly Bullet Coating and Barrel Wear. Research report from Norma factory on long-term barrel wear testing.
David Tubb Bearing Surface Tool BSCBearing Surface Length Sorting using the Tubb Bearing Surface Comparator Tool (BCS).
by Larry Medler
Stoney Point OAL tool comparator gaugeStoney Point OAL Gauge Users' Guide for Cartridge OAL and base to ogive bullet length.
6BR Magazine Mag Fix for Rem 700Rem 700 Mag Fix for 6BR. How to modify a Remington magazine to feed the 6mm BR cartridge reliably.
by Mike Bryant.
Wind drift external ballistics bullet dropWind Drift, Distance, and the 'Rule of the Square'. Learn how distance affects bullet windage correction.

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