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Please submit your Shooting and Reloading videos to the site. Send them to mailbox [at] 6mmBR.com and we can host them here!

Making Your Own Videos
You don't need a Video Camcorder to make movies anymore! Most modern digital still cameras WILL record surprisingly good videos, complete with sound. Just set the mode to "Video" or "Movie", push the shutter release to start, and push it again to stop. Upload videos to your computer just as you do with digital stills.

Recording Video with Your Digital Camera
Editing Videos with Windows MovieMaker

New Canon Flash Memory Camcorders
If you DO opt for a dedicated Video Camcorder, we recommend one of the new Canon series of video cameras with Flash Memory. These record directly to digital memory, so there are no tapes to jam or CD heads to crash. In fact, there are no moving parts. We recently obtained a Canon FS10 for this website. It is phenomenal. It's fast and records up to five hours with internal Flash Memory, and up to 10 hours with an extra drop-in 8 Gig memory card. It has "pro" features like microphone jack, backlight correction, and image stablization. It takes superb quality videos with rich colors and fine detail. And there is an even more sophisticated version HF10 Version that delivers High Definition, broadcast-quality video, ideal for playback on a wide-screen TV.

Here are three FREE web-based shooting games to challenge and entertain. The varmint game is pretty easy (Requires Flash-enabled browser--you may want to turn down your speaker volume). The Vitual Benchrest game from Benchrest Russia, www.Benchrest.Ru, can be quite challenging--you really need to watch the wind. It challenges you to deal with changing wind velocities and angles in real time. Use your mouse to move the cross-hairs. After a shot you'll see the sight picture move up with "recoil". Just use the mouse again to recenter the reticle. A timer is running like in a real match, and you get a set of sighters before shooting for record. The third program, Shooter Ready, is a Flash-based online Demo of a Long Range Shooting Simulator. This is a sophisticated program that lets you test your ranging and wind-reading skills in a variety of different scenarios.

Varmint rifle shooting game CCIvirtual benchrest bench rest shooting simulator game
Shooter Ready long-range Rifle Simulator

If you have the correct web browser plug-ins AND if you have a high-speed connection, you can left-click the icon next to each video. This will launch the player and stream the video. Otherwise, right-click the icon and "Save As" the video to your hard drive. Then you can play back the video any time. These videos have better resolution than the highly-compressed Flash Videos.

BoreScope Video lilja barrelWMV6.5 MegsBoreScope Video--Custom vs. Factory BarrelDan Lilja
Stiller Viper Action Drop Port 6brMPEG6.9 MegsStiller Viper Drop-Port Cycling RoundsDavid Bergen
Eliseo TubeGun Spacegun 6BR 6mmBR Repeater R5WMV3.3 MegsEliseo 6BR TubeGun Repeater, 10 rounds, Rapid-FireModerator
Ken Light Annealing Machine Video TorchWMV7.1 MegsAutomatic Annealing Machine with TorchesJim DeKort
Benchrest load tuning powder throwWMV14 MegsLawrence Weisdorn Explains Load Tuning and barrel harmonics for short-range BenchrestModerator
Franklin Groundhog 300 WSM Varmint Video DVD VirginiaWMV4.3 MegsDeath in the Green Grass--Virginia Groundhog Video Sample. Warning--very LOUD and graphic.Richard Franklin
steel reactive armor target plate 1000 YardsMPEG5.1 Megs6.5-284 Shooting Steel at 1000 YardsJason Baney
6.5x47 Lapua Brass cartridge 6BR VideoAVI9.6 MegsComparison of New 6.5x47 Lapua with 6BR caseModerator
Lapua 6.5x47 BrassMPEG9.8 MegsLapua Engineers Talk about 6.5x47 and 220 RussianModerator
Bore Brush Barrel Cleaning KreigerWMV2.6 Megs John Krieger Discusses Proper Use of Bore BrushesModerator
David Tubb 2000 RifleAVI11.6 MegsDavid Tubb Shows Tubb 2000 Rifle FeaturesModerator
Browning vault gun safeWMV6.1 MegsVideo Showing Security Features of Gun SafesBrowning
Portable Shooting BenchWMV4.6 Megs$100 Portable Shooting Bench Demo (Plans Available)Richard Franklin

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