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Hunting rifle shooting varmint varminter 6BR .223 22-250 precision 6mm powder reloading bullet Lapua Norma VHA Nosler Sierra

"The 6mmBR has a lot going for it--while it is not the fastest 6mm cartridge it is fast enough and very efficient. You can push a 55 grain Ballistic Tip 3800 fps. That is as fast or faster than a 22-250 shooting the same grain bullet and you have a higher ballistic coefficient. Where I think the BR really shines is when using 65-75 grain bullets. Good velocity, good wind cheating, low recoil, little powder use, easy on the barrel and inherently accurate. What more could a varmint hunter wish for?" -- Mike Delbo


Size Bullet Powder Load Primer Case BC Velocity Comments

Sierra BlitzKing

H322 28.9 Rem 7.5 Lapua Std .225 3200 Sierra's Accuracy Load. 31.5gr H322 clocks 3400 fps with CCI BR4.
55 Nosler Ballistic Tip AA XMR-2015 32.0 Fed 205M Lapua Std .276 3700 Explosive hunting load with excellent accuracy and velocity.
55 Nosler Ballistic Tip Benchmark 32.6 CCI BR4 Lapua Std .276 3600 Good accuracy + long case life. "H322 or AA2010 may be a bit more accurate but they're hard on cases."
58    Hornady V-Max AA 2230 32.5 Fed 205M Lapua Std .250 3680 Dan Dowling Load. Meters well on progressive press (Dillon).
60 Berger MEF H322 31.0 Rem 7.5 Lapua Std .241 3400 Accurate and "the MEF bullets really clobber varmints."--Steve Timm
65    Hornady  V-Max VV N135 33.0 Fed 205M Lapua Std .280 3350 "[This load] shoots .25MOA easily and sends critters flying".
68 Bart's FB High 7 H322 29.6 Fed 205M Lapua Std n/a 3215 "Shoots extremely well for me--very accurate, with ten-shot ES of 11."
68 Berger FBHP Varget 34.2 CCI BR4 Lapua Std .276 n/a "Consistently my best load, and [I've tried] Sierra 55gr BKs and 70gr HPs, plus V-Maxs in 58, 65 & 75gr."
69 Berger Low Drag VV N135 29.3 CCI BR4 Lapua Std .321 3000 Excellent, mild 300m accuracy load.
70 Nosler Ballistic Tip VV N135 32.7 Fed 205M Lapua Std .310 3300+ "My best 6BR varmint load so far. Jump the Noslers .010-.015."
70 Sierra BlitzKing



Rem 7.5 Lapua Std .299 3275 33gr AA2460 is a classic Varmint load. 31.2gr Benchmark (3200 fps) is also effective
74 Berger FBHP Varget 33.3 Rem 7.5 Lapua Std .292 3200+ "[I've shot] the 74 Bergers in my 1:14 barrel for 15+ yrs--love this load"
75    Hornady  V-Max Varget 32.8 CCI BR4 or 400 Lapua Std .330 3300 Shoots in the Twos in 12-twist barrel. Try .010" jam or .010" jump.
75    Hornady  V-Max VV N135 31.5 Fed 205M Lapua Std .330 3300 A near-perfect bullet for the 6BR case capacity. Varget also works great.
75 Sierra FB Varmint Benchmark 31.2 Rem 7.5 Lapua Std .217 3200 Inexpensive yet very accurate bullet. Sierra's Accuracy Load is 29.3gr VV N135, 3000 fps.
80 Berger HP H4895 30.0 Rem 7.5 Lapua Std .314 3100 Very accurate bullet at a good price. Start low with surplus 4895 powders.
80 Berger Varmint Varget 31.8 Rem 7.5 Lapua Std .278 3120 More speed possible, but start low and watch pressures above 3100 fps.
80 Berger Varmint VV N135 31.5 CCI 450 Lapua Std .278 3242 Super-accurate in Pac-Nor 3-groove. Sub-quarter MOA. Pretty hot load.
80 Fowler FBHP VV N140 32.5 Rem 7.5 Lapua Std n/a 3120 "Tried Varget, Benchmark, N135, N140. All shot well. N140 gave 3120fps, ES of 9, so that's my pick."
87    Hornady  V-Max Varget 31.0 CCI 450 Lapua Std .400 3050 Very accurate bullet with good BC. 3100+ fps in a 27" 10-twist with a bit more powder. Target Photo.
Velocities are based on a 25" barrel and standard 6mmBR Norma case. Note, velocities may vary considerably from gun to gun, and even barrel to barrel. Primer brand will also alter velocities. Always start 10% low and work up.

Factory Reloading Data
Accurate Arms (.pdf file) Alliant Powder Hodgdon Powder IMR Powder Vihtavuori (.pdf file)
WARNING: With all loads, ALWAYS START 10% LOW and work up incrementally.

WARNING: ALWAYS start 10% below these loads and work up. NEVER assume pressures will be safe if you change ANY component. Case web growth is probably the most reliable indicator of over-charge. By the time you're getting stiff bolt lift or cratered primers with fresh brass you've exceeded proper pressure levels. Ambient temperatures and seating depth can alter pressures considerably. Don't assume cold weather loads are safe in summer.

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