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Please support our sponsors. These companies make it possible for 6mmBR.com to get products for testing, acquire contest prizes, and put together project rifles for the site. In addition, their contributions are vital to help the site defray the expenses of hosting and content creation. How to Advertise.


E. Arthur Brown Lapua Brass, Barrels, Varmint Rifles

Berger Bullets, 6.5mm 120gr, Varmint, Match, Benchrest

Johnson's Precision Gunsmithing in CA

Fort Knox Security Gunsafes

Eliseo Tube Gun Kits and Tactical Chassis

McMillan Long Range Hunter

Borden Rifles & Custom Actions

Vortex Optics & Scopes

Accuracy One Shooting Supplies

RCBS Reloading Tools & Supplies

Qtr. Minute Magnum Custom Hunting Rifles

Surgeon Rifles and Custom Actions

Tactical Rifles

ShotMaster 10X Rests, Targets

Lone Star Field Products Spec Rest

Carl Zeiss Optics Hensoldt

Colliers Custom Rifles

EuroOptics Scopes and Rifles

Bench-Source Savage Scope Rails

Volquartsen Custom Rifles and Pistols

kelblys custom stolle actions panda March Scopes

Swampworks JLK VLD Bullets

HEF USA Melonite for Barrels and bolts

Nightforce Optics Scopes

Louisiana Precision Rifles, LLC

Prone2success Bolt Handles

BulzEyePro Optical Booster

Mike Bryant Custom Rifles

Gre-Tan Rifles

Pacific Tool & Gauge

Russ Haydon's Shooters' Supply

Precision Reloading Rifle and Shotgun supplies

Mountain Ridge Armament

X-Treme Shooting Products CG Trigger

Bruno Shooters Supply

Holland's Gunsmithing & Shooters Supply

Creedmoor HighPower Coats Scopes Carts Tubb 2000

Shadetree Engineering & Accuracy

Denver Instrument Reloading Scales

Shilen Rifles Barrels Triggers

Lock, Stock & Barrel shooting supplies

Pierce Precision

LongShot Rifles LLC

Sample Bullets -- Test Before You Invest

Whidden Gunworks

SEB Coaxial Front Rests

Krieger Cut-Rifled Match Barrels

Graf & Sons Shooting Supplies

Stan Ware SGR Custom Rifles

Patriot Safes for Serious Gun Collectors

ScopeUsOut.com D&B Supply

Adorama Scopes & Optics

Brownells Gunparts & Tools

Lilja Precision Rifle Barrels

Midsouth Shooters

Satern Cut-Rifled Barrels

Baer Custom Rifles

SWFA 1000s of Optics in Stock

Bartlein Custom Barrels

GA Precision Tactical Rifles

Carbon River Windflags and stands

Stiller Precision Actions

Optic Zone scopes binoculars rangefinders

Warner tool company gunsmithing hardware

Robertson Composites rifle gun stocks

Anthony Pettiti Precision Rifles Gunsmith

Precision Rifles and Tools, custom gunsmithing target tactical hunting

Lawton Machine LLC., Rifle Barrels and Custom Actions

DARA Rifles long-range precision gunsmithing

NECO QuickLOAD, PVM-21 Chronograph, Moly systems

Montour County Rifles Gunsmithing

MasterClassStocks -- Prone, F-Class, HighPower

Ross Precision Gilkes-Ross Actions

Sinclair International Shooting Supplies

Varmint Hunter Association

McMillan Fiberglass Stocks

Powder Valley Inc.

Accuracy One
Berger Bullets
Borden Rifles
Bruno Shooters Supply
Bryant Custom
Colliers Custom Rifles
Creedmoor Sports
D&B Supply
Denver Instrument
Forster Products
Graf & Sons
Gre-Tan Rifles
Holland's Shooters Supply
Kelbly's Inc.
Krieger Barrels
Lilja Rifle Barrels
Lock, Stock & Barrel
Louisiana Prec. Rifles
Master Class Stocks
MidSouth Shooters Supply
MTM Case-Gard
Nightforce Optics
Pacific Tool & Gauge
Powder Valley Inc.
Precision Rifle & Tool, LLC
Precision Reloading
Quarter Minute Magnums
Shadetree Eng. & Accuracy
Shilen Barrels
ShotMaster 10-X
Sinclair International
Stiller's Precision Firearms
Surgeon Rifles
Tactical Rifles
Varmint Hunters Association
Volquartsen Custom
Vortex Optics
X-Treme Shooting Products
Zephyr Dynamics

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