Tech Facts

Barrel Diameter, Length and Rigidity--
"The stiffness of [a barrel held rigidly at the breech end] increases with the fourth power of its diameter and varies inversely with the cube of its length. [When comparing a 26", 1.10" diameter barrel with a 20", 1.250" diameter of equal weights] the shorter, larger diameter barrel is nearly four times as stiff....The stiffer barrel has the resonant frequencies for its more readily excited transverse barrel vibration nodes well above one kilohertz and, thus, out of the frequency range of most of the spectrum (below one kilohertz) of the excitation energy occurring during firing." Jim Boatright and Mike Wilkerson in Precision Shooting Magazine, September 2004, pp. 7-8. Boatright Custom Guns.

Jim Boatright, Mike Wilkerson

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