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1000 Yard World Record
4.2" for TEN shots with a 6mm BR

In 2003, Kyle Brown set a new world record for ten shots with a 4.2" group. And this was with the standard 6BR case, not a Dasher. The record was set at the Whitefish Range, near Kalispell, Montana. Kyle normally shoots at the Deep Creek Range, near Missoula, but Deep Creek was closed due to a fire near Missoula.

Here is Kyle's equipment list, and shoot report, as posted to Benchrest.com:

"Shilen Select Match, 1:8 Bbl
Lapua Brass, H4895 @ 29.0 gr (too hot in other rifles)
Federal 205 small primers
Redding FL 'S' bushing die and Competition seater with their Turret Press (awesome)
Hornady 105gr A-MAX
Nesika J action, right bolt/right port with Jewell trigger
Nightforce 12-42 (shot at 42x)
Lonewolf stock (shot off of a Bald Eagle "wishbone" rest)
Gunsmithed by John King of Kila, MT, (406) 755-5352 (very meticulous smith).

This gun has been a consistent single-digit-group 1000-yard rifle. I ...recommend one of these to people who want to enjoy shooting, follow through with each shot, ride the bags well, introduce new people to the sport, and those who want to have the most consistently accurate cartridge I have ever fired at any distance. Yes, it would go head to head with a 6PPC--however, I am not a 100-200 yd BR shooter.

Everyone who is serious about the most accurate possible cartridge should try one--they are unbelievable. To show my true feelings I have five 6BRs and all are phenomenal. Who cares how slow they are if they make up for it with the utmost in accuracy? I just wish I could have been centered, go figure? I want to say, many thanks to Bob Turner and Mark VanBeek for showing me that the 6BR is more than capable of 1000-yard shooting! I am glad to get to shoot around the great people our club has, a very friendly bunch.

P.S. Shoot the barrels dirty; they appear to be more accurate around 30-50 rounds fired." -- Kyle Brown

If you want to shoot with Kyle and the rest of the gang up in Montana, contact:

Northwest 1000 Yard Benchrest Assn.
BOX 10602
Kalispell, MT 59904
Montana NW 1000 Yard BR Assn.

All matches held at Deep Creek Range in Missoula, Montana. Practice each Monday & Thursday, from 7:00 - 11:00 AM. Shoot starts each day at 9:00 AM. 11 pound matches are only shot on Saturday. Questions? Call (406) 821-3737, (406) 892-3742, or (406) 755-6388.

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