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MEMBERS: Click Red Dots or Photos for Members.RANGES: Click Green Squares for Range Info.

NOTE: When you click on an icon, an entry will pop up. Red dots are members and green squares are ranges. You can use the Plus / Minus controls at lower right map corner to zoom in on any entry. Left click your mouse and drag to recenter the map within the frame. Yellow markers denote gunsmiths and vendors who sponsor the site. Note, if you register with Frappr, you can add Ranges on your own. Have at it! To find other ranges near you, try the NRA's National Registry of Places to Shoot.

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People are REDRanges are GREENSponsors are Gold

Click the orange "Join!" button at top left of the map to add yourself to the map. All you need is a Name (can be real or your Forum nick-name) and a Zip Code. (They ask for an email address but they don't seem to check if it's valid. So you can type something like "Johnnospam@myserver.com")

You can also add a short message in the "Shout Out" box. You can also upload ONE (1) photo. It can be a picture of you, your favorite rifle or your shooting range.

If you register with Frappr, you can add ranges to the map. If you don't know the zip code for the range, you can put in Latitude and Longitude (that's even more precise). Help us add more ranges to the map!

BROWSER COMPATIBILITY: The map works best with current versions of Internet Explorer or Firefox. Be sure to have Java and Flash activated in your browser.

To move around the MAP, left-click with your mouse and drag the map left, right, up, or down. On the Big Map, you can also click a Member or Range name and the map will move to that spot.

ZOOM IN for more detail!
With the plus/minus zoom functions (Lower Right Corner of Map), you can zoom WAY in to a couple mile radius, with roads displayed. Tip: If you leave a member pop-up open while zooming, the map will stay centered on that region.

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