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The Remarkable Tubb 2000 Rifle
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We've received many requests for more information on "Tube Guns" and across the course rifles, so this week we are featuring David Tubb's engineering tour de force, the TUBB 2000, or "T2K" for short. Our write-up this week focuses mostly on "hardware" because David's performance with the rifle speaks for itself. He has won eleven High Power National Championships at Camp Perry, and in 2004 David mounted a scope to his rifle and captured the Long-Range "any sights" Championship with a 1450/1450, the first and only perfect score ever logged at Camp Perry. He did this all with his trusty 6XC-chambered T2K, shooting the DTAC 115gr bullet in a 1:7.5 twist Schneider P5 barrel. For more infomation about this remarkable gun, read on.


Mag-Feed Action with Unique Bi-Camming Bolt
The action is machined from 17-4 stainless steel to true benchrest quality standards. The design features a solid top with a loading port. This increases action stability, stiffness, and strength. The loading port is easily accessible and is angled to aid the shooter in single loading rounds. The TUBB 2000 is fed via 10- or 20-round box magazines.

"I prefer using 20-round magazines with the 2000t because it provides a secure hand hold when shooting off the bipod. For across the course competition, the 10-round magazines are the best choice as they do not encumber sling-supported shooting positions. There is no difference in the functioning or reliability of either capacity magazine."

One-finger Bolt Operation
Low effort bolt operation was a key goal in the design of the TUBB 2000 action. The exclusive bi-camming design employs two cams that engage during bolt lift to radically reduce bolt lift effort. Bolt lift is 75 degrees. The cone-faced bolt has two locking lugs which are narrower and taller than on conventional actions. This design allows the magazine to be mounted higher in the action for smoother, more positive feeding. The bolt handle is designed for superior performance in sustained fire operation. Its ergonomic shape allows operation with a single finger, if desired. The bolt is machined from 8620 carbon steel and rides back into the butt extension, under the shooter's face so the bolt can be operated without the shooter having to change his head position. This low center of gravity also improves the rifle's feel and performance under recoil.

The action features a full-length picatinny rail that will accept Weaver®-style mounts. The action's adjustable sight mounting system allows the rail to be mounted at one of three pre-set mounting angles -- 0, 5, and 10 degrees -- to allow the shooter to level the sights to fit his shooting style. A custom base is available to mount match iron sights. All barrels have a small section at the muzzle turned down to accept a clamping-style front sight mount or cant indicator.

Lock time in the T2K is one millisecond -- more than three times faster than a Model 70™ Winchester®.

Barrel Configuration
All TUBB 2000 rifles feature a hand-lapped Schneider stainless steel match barrel with the exclusive "Tubb Contour." This unique contour maximizes accuracy and minimizes weight -- it's the perfect balance. According to David: "It's a contour where the barrel wouldn't shoot one bit better if it was one bit bigger." The TUBB 2000 was conceived as a "switch barrel" gun -- it's designed to be easily rebarreled by the customer. This feature means that the same rifle can support different calibers and shooting disciplines. Finished barrels in a variety of calibers are available for "do-it-yourself" installations.

The TUBB 2000 is currently available in the following calibers: .22-.250 (twist options);.243 Winchester;
6mm BR; 6XC (.243 Winchester shortened 0.130 inches); .260 Remington (6.5mm-08); 7mm-08; and .308 Winchester. Available accessories include finished barrels, extra 10- or 20-round magazines, cleaning rod guide, adjustable bipods, custom adjustable handstop, forend weight rail, and cant indicator. A left-handed version of the TUBB 2000 is coming.

Trigger, Stock Adjustment and Other Features
The TUBB 2000 uses the superb Anschütz® fully-adjustable two-stage trigger (with safety); it's the finest available to the precision rifleman. This trigger can also be adjusted to provide single-stage operation.

The buttstock assembly, forend, buttstock clamping block, and magazine housing, trigger guard assembly are made from 60-series aluminum, hard anodized in the customer's choice of 6 colors: light and dark teal, purple, red, forest green, and black. (The T2K Tactical (see below) comes in matte black only.) These four parts are each available in any of the listed colors, allowing the purchaser to design his own distinct rifle.

The buttstock is FULLY adjustable for length, height, cant (angle), and offset. The cheekpiece is adjustable for height. An easily accessible knurled wheel allows the shooter to adjust the cheekpiece from the shooting position. Shooter comfort is further augmented by an ergonomic pistol grip. All adjustment features on the TUBB 2000 were designed for easy shooter access. The butt extension, clamping block, shock housing, and buttplate all have index marks to allow the shooter to record and repeat adjustment settings.

The tubular fore-end can be rotated and positioned to accommodate the shooter's preference. An integral accessory rail accepts a custom adjustable handstop or bipod. The fore-end also incorporates a built-in barrel heat wave blocking system which eliminates optical distortion in the sighting plane."

David Tubb Explains T2K Stock Adjustments

I advocate setting stock length a little longer than most people might. I am a firm believer that it is best to "reach" slightly for the pistol grip as this ensures a strong, secure hold on the rifle. I pull the rifle firmly into my shoulder pocket when shooting offhand, and also prefer to have what I would characterize as very firm contact between rifle butt and shoulder in the sitting and prone positions as well. When using a sling in prone or sitting, stock length (and sling tension) should be great enough so that, at the least, you have to push the buttpad forward with your hand in order to place the stock into the shoulder pocket. My buttstock is shortest offhand and longest prone. If my standing setting is "0", I'm usually out about 1-1/2 inches for sitting and about another inch for prone. I have found that many people tend to shoot with a stock that's too long in sitting and too short everywhere else.

I have found the cast off/on adjustment feature on the buttstock to be of great help to me in attaining the natural shooting positions I desire. For prone, I offset the clamping block so the buttplate moves outward [the index mark on the clamp is to the right of center on the scale on the receiver extension tube]. I swing it a little bit inward for offhand and slightly more inward for sitting. The amounts of cast on/off (in clock-face terms) are approximately 6:30 for standing, 4:30 for prone, and 8:00 o'clock for sitting.

Stock Position Diagrams Copyright © 2004, Glen Zediker, David Tubb, and Superior Shooting Systems Inc., used with permission.

Stock Length Adjustment Procedure
The buttstock is adjustable in length 4-plus inches. This adjustment is accomplished by moving the buttplate tube in or out after loosening the four screws on the clamping block. Ensure that the buttstock tube is fully contained in the block. The extent of rearward (lengthening) movement is determined by the front of the buttstock tube fitting flush with the front of the block.

Cast and Cant Adjustment Procedure
The buttstock is adjustable for cast or offset by loosening the four screws on the clamping block and swiveling the block on the receiver extension tube. The buttplate itself is adjustable for cant up to 360 degrees and after loosening the screw directly in the center of the rubber recoil pad is adjustable for height at approximately 1-1/2 inches. The cheekpiece is adjustable vertically approximately one inch. The vertical cheekpiece adjustment is accomplished via the top knurled ring. The lower knurled ring will then secure the setting.

Tubb 2000 Tactical

"One major goal we had in engineering [the tactical version] was 'converting' a no-compromise competition tool for use as an equally uncompromising tactical weapon for professional law enforcement and military special operations use. We knew how important it was to design our rifle from the ground up to serve this dual purpose. The TUBB 2000 is rugged, reliable, adaptable, and, beyond all else, accurate. We've known for years that the essential elements in rifle design and construction were shared in common between competition and tactical rifles...The TUBB 2000 breaks new ground by providing championship-proven precision, performance, and adjustment to the tactical realm, while providing the competitive shooter with a rugged and reliable rifle with every conceivable accuracy enhancement. The TUBB 2000 is the first, and only, rifle on the market that satisfies the needs of the most demanding shooters in either realm. The TUBB 2000t tactical rifle is functionally the same as the 2000c. There are no feature or quality differences in the "T". The main difference is the included option package and the color: 2000t is all matte black." -- David Tubb

Additional Resources
Complete TUBB 2000 Online Guide
"Tubb 2000 Concepts" is must reading for anyone interested in the TUBB 2000 rifle or firearms design in general. It explains, in David's own words, all the thought and effort that went into producing a brand new rifle. Very interesting reading. The Manual contains the latest information on operation, adjustment, and maintenance of the rifle. The "High-Power Success" article by David outlines six tenents he has followed throughout his career. We recommend this for every prone, cross-course, and iron sights shooter.
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Tubb 2000 Concepts | Tubb 2000 Manual | High-Power Success

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All photos and quoted text Copyright © 2004, Zediker Publishing and David Tubb, used with permission, All Rights Reserved. Other material Copyright © 2004, 6mmBR.com, All Rights Reserved. No reproduction without advanced permission in writing.

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