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F-Class Stocks
Here are the new F-Class stocks released by McMillan and by Robertson Composites. You can see that the McMillan is the most radical of the pair, but the new Robertsons have many unique features as well. Both Robertson F-class designs have completely smooth forearms with no seams.

NEW McMillan F-Class Stock

McMillan designer Dick Davis Reports: "The new F-Class stock from McMillans is done. Thanks to all the F-Class shooters at the S.O.A. match at Raton this summer for their generous giving of their time, suggestions, comments ... in helping design this stock. The fore-end is 2.96" wide and the flat is 8" long. It tapers down to the standard 1.8" in the action area for one hand carry at the balance point. The bottom of the butt is parallel and square with the fore-end and has a 5/8" flat full length. There are three cheekpieces available, an ambidextrous one (shown) and a true right-hand or left-hand roll-over one. The butt will take any of our standard stock hardware or a standard pad. Minimum weight with a 3-way buttplate is about 5 lbs. but can fill it up to 8 or 10 lbs. on request. Thanks again to everyone for all their help and comments. Five stocks for various F-Class team members are being built now and I trust they will let you all know what they think."

NEW Robertson Composites' F-Class Stocks (Masterclass and SG&Y)

Ian Robertson sent us these recent photos of his new F-Class design, produced in association with Master Class Stocks (Alex Sitman). Ian writes: "The stock is available from both Master Class Stocks and Robertson Composites for the same price. The bottom of the butt is rounded to ride a bag nicely and is parallel to the forearm. The sides are a radius from top to bottom, no flats. Weight (from memory) is around four pounds although it can be made heavier to suit as light weight is not really what is wanted with these."

And here is the S.G.&Y F-Classer, built by Robertson for Speedy.

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