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Forster Ultra Micrometer Seating Die

Price: $64.99
Prod. Code: Forster U00037

Best Performance for the Price in a Micrometer Seating Die
For those who use conventional screw-in dies to seat bullets, we endorse the Forster Ultra Micrometer seater. Forster pioneered the use of a sliding sleeve to align the case (a feature later copied by Redding). The micrometer top makes it easy to dial in different seating depths during load testing. Likewise, if you load a variety of bullets in different weights, we think a micrometer-top seater die is darn-near essential. Just record your settings in a load log, then dial them in. We found the die well-finished with clean threads, and the micrometer top works smoothly and stays in place when set. The only negative is the laser-etched index marks are hard to see.

Note, we recommend the Redding Competition Seater also. From a functional standpoint, the two dies perform equally well, though we find the Redding's white-on-black index marks much easier to read. (Here's a trick--degrease the Forster dies, then use a white crayon or white marking pencil to highlight the laser-etched marks). Also, the Redding dies seem a little more corrosion-resistent, though both dies can rust if you don't keep a sheen of oil on them. We prefer the Forster locking ring however. It is easy to adjust and doesn't crush your threads like Redding's lock-ring. (The best lock-rings available are Hornady New Dimension Rings, a C-clamp design with flats machined on the sides for use with a wrench).

The big advantage of the Forster Ultra vs. the Redding Competition seater is price. Graf's sells Forster Ultras for $64.99 vs. $96.99 for the Redding seater. If you have a C&R license you can get "dealer" pricing from Graf's and purchase the Forster Ultra seater die for less. The 6mm BR Ultra seater die is Forster Product #U00037, and Graf's inventory item FRU00037. Forster also makes an Ultra Micrometer seater for the 22BR, #U00007 (Graf's FRU00007).

For ultimate seating accuracy, and minimal run-out, we still prefer to use a Wilson or JLC Precision Micrometer in-line seater die with an Arbor press, but either the Forster Ultra or the Redding Competition seater dies will produce very concentric ammo with outstanding accuracy potential.

If you want a seater die for a conventional press, the Forster Ultra will match the Redding in performance and you'll save enough to buy a separate body die. And gunsmiths take note--for an improved 6BR case, you can ream the Forster's sliding sleeve with your chambering reamer to make this work with a Dasher or BRX. This works on both the Forster Ultra and Redding Competition Micrometer Seating dies. But you ream the sleeve ONLY, not the die body.

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