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Harrell's Bushing FL Sizing Die

Price: $71.00

Semi-Custom Full-Length Bushing Dies for 6BR and 6PPC
The Harrell FL Die is a very high quality product at a very reasonable price, $71.00. The Harrell 6BR die is a stainless minimum full-length sizing die, optimized for Lapua Brass, with a recess at the top that accepts Wilson or Redding bushings. Harrell dies come with decapper rod but NO expander ball.

In function, then, the Harrell Die is similar to a Redding body Die, but with neck-sizing bushings added at the top. (Bushings not included). For most 6BR chambers, you'll find that the Harrel Die works your brass a little less than a Redding Body Die, and requires less force during the sizing process.

While these dies are not custom-made, the Harrels make them in a variety of inside diameters in .001" increments. When you order a die, you send in two or three fired cases. The Harrell brothers then measure your cases and select a die from inventory that best matches your chamber.

Unless you specify otherwise, the Harrells normally select a die that gives you .002" resizing. This will allow reliable chambering but still avoid overworking your brass as do conventional full-length sizing dies.

Harrel Dies are also harder than conventional dies made from 416 Stainless (45 Rockwell). The Harrell Die is CNC machined from 420 Stainless with a Rockwell hardness of 55. The inside of the die is cut with a CNC lathe, not reamed, providing a smooth, chatter-free interior die wall.

Where it may take months to get a full-custom die from a custom die-maker, the Harrells usually ship your die within a couple days of receiving your fired cases.

Harrell's Precision
Lynwood & Walter Harrell
5756 Hickory Drive
Salem, VA 24153
Phone: (540) 380-2683

Yes Harrell's Precision is an old-fashioned family-run business operated on a farm in Salem, Virginia. But "back on the farm" they have a modern tool shop with state-of-the-art CNC equipment. The Harrells make other fine Benchrest products including Powder Measures and a superb compact turret press.

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