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KMW Pod-Loc

Price: $26.50

The Pod-Loc device is a "must-have" accessory for anyone using a Harris swivel-model (S-series) bipod. This unique accessory transforms a Harris Swivel into a superbly-adjustable, easy to use platform for prone target-shooting or varminting. The Pod-Loc cures the one major flaw of Harris Swivel bipods--the tensioning system. It is very difficult to dial out all "bipod flop" using the standard Harris tensioning nut. With a Pod-Loc, flop is history; with one hand, you can lock the bipod rock-solid, and just as easily release all tension any time you want.

Using the Pod-Loc is easy, once you get the handle situated right. With the handle at a 4 o'clock position, the rifle should be free to swivel. Adjust the cant until your gun's positioned correctly for the terrain. Then just rotate the handle clockwise until you feel resistance. You can set the Pod-Loc so the rifle can still swivel a little with some effort, or you can crank the handle over farther to the left (clockwise) and effectively lock the unit in place.

One nice feature is that the spring-loaded handle can be rotated out of the way without altering the tension setting. Just pull straight back on the handle and swing it to 3 o'clock or 9 o'clock as you prefer. We advise doing this when you are carrying your rifle in the field.

Installation is a little time-consuming, but if you follow the instructions below, it shouldn't be difficult. No special tools are required other than a pair of pliers, a flat-blade screwdriver, and a 1/4" socket with driver. You really do need exactly the right socket however.

Pod-Loc Installation Instructions.

The Pod-Loc is available from Sinclair's, Brownells (item #100-000-326), or you can buy direct from:

Terry Cross
KMW - Long Range Solutions
129 Fish Hatchery Road
Forest Hill, LA 71430
Phone: (318) 748-8732 Pod-lock, Podloc, Podlock, Bipod-loc, Bipod-lock

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