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Tools and Shooting Accessories > Dewey Crocogator Large/Small Primer Pocket Cleaner
Dewey Crocogator Large/Small Primer Pocket Cleaner

Price: $4.95

Simple, Cost-effective Tool for Primer Pockets
Cleaning the carbon out of primer pockets is a thankless task, but it does improve primer seating consistency and probably contributes in a small way to accuracy. There are many tools out there to do this job. We've tried most of them, and Dewey's handy double-ended "Baby Crocogator" is our favorite. It cleans faster that the metal brushes, and you won't ever have to worry about bent or broken bristles.

Unlike some of the cutter-tipped primer pocket "uniformers" out there, the Baby Croc does not change the dimensions of the primer pocket and you can't cut too deep. It does just one thing--remove carbon build-up, and it does that effortlessly and reliably. The tool uses diamond shaped teeth to remove the carbon, without shaving brass. Made of hardened steel, it will outlast a half-dozen wire brush tips. You'll probably lose it before you ever wear it out.

The photo doesn't show it, but there are cleaning tips on both ends. One is sized for small primer pockets, the other is sized for large pockets. Listing at just $4.95 (some catalogers sell it for $4) the Crocogator is a third of the price of a Holland primer pocket cleaner ($15) and it works twice as well. (For comparison, the Holland primer pocket cleaner tool is shown below as well.) We suggest you buy two Crocogators--one for the range bag and a back-up for the bench.

Order direct from DeweyRods.com, or Lock Stock & Barrel.

If you ever do need to actually ream your primer pocket (i.e. deepen and square the pocket dimensionally), we suggest the carbide WhiteTail Uniformer tool from Haydon's Shooter's Supply. It lists for about $30 with handle.

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