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Tipton (MidwayUSA) Multi-Caliber Jag Set

Price: $15.00

At $15, this is one of the most cost-effective pieces of shooting gear you can buy. Take our advice, buy the set. No, buy two. One for the range and one for your loading room.

The individual jags are very high quality--as good as anything out there. The box makes it handy to store and access the jags. Diameters are printed right next to the holes for the jags, and the holes are sized to match the individual calibers.

If you're exclusively a 6BR shooter why do you need a multi-caliber jag set? Well, you will find that thin patches may work better in your 6mm barrel with a 6.5mm jag, while extra-thick cotton patches fit best with a .257. And consider the value--you basically get a whole set of 12 Jags, AND the storage box, for the price of 3 or 4 individual spire-tip jags.

And if you DO shoot multiple calibers, this kit is a "must-have". Order one right away from MidwayUSA.com. For those who enjoy handguns, the 9mm, .38, .40, and .45 caliber jags fit standard pistol cleaning rods. Youy'll also find these jags fit handgun bores better than the cheap jags that come with typical handgun cleaning kits.

We have no complaints about this product, but we DO wish that MidwayUSA sold a kit with twin jags for each caliber, or perhaps a jag set for .22 to .308 with half-caliber sizes. Also, the previous see-thru "Midway Blue" version of the box was much better. With the blue box you could see right through the box-lid and often figure out what jag you needed without struggling with the labling. We have both an older blue set and a newer red set. We use the transparent blue box at the range, and the "Tipton Red" box for bench storage.

Truly a great product at a fair price.

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