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K&M BR Inside Flash-Hole Uniformer

Price: $11.00

This is a great tool, very easy to use. It gives repeatable results each time and, at $11, it costs about half what some other (less effective) deburring tools cost. Moreover, it is self-adjusting, and you can switch the cutting tip between small (for 6PPC/6BR) and regular (for standard diameter flash-holes). The deluxe "professional" version with a metal handle is available for $15.

Note: This tool is primarily recommended for those people using Remington brand 6BR brass, 6XC brass, or other calibers like 22-250. We recommend that you leave the Flash-Holes alone with Lapua 6BR and 220 Russian brass (used for 6PPC). The Lapua 6BR cases come with a .059" Flash-Hole, and the K&M tool will ream the holes to approximately .064-.069" depending on tolerances. This can be useful if you must use a 1/16" (.0625") standard decapping rod. However, the best thing for Lapua 6BR brass is to use a die with a .057" decapping rod, such as the Redding, Wilson, or Harrell's.

Using the tool is simplicity itself. Just feed the cutter into the case until the tip exits the flashhole and the cutter depth-stop contacts the inside base of the case. Then, holding the sliding cone against the case mouth with your first two fingers, give the knob a twist or two. It's fast, precise, and pretty much fool-proof. You can't ream too deep because a ring around the cutter tip bottoms on the case interior before you go too far.

With that quick turn or two you simultaneously "ream", "de-burr", and "chamfer" the inside of the flash hole. One great feature of the K&M tool is the "pre-set" depth stop surrounding the steel cutter. Because cutting depth is set off the inside of the case, not the case mouth, you can deburr cases of any length--they do NOT have to be trimmed to length first. And with the handy sliding centering cone, you don't have to fiddle with set-screws on cutter depth stops or buy different pilots for different calibers. The simple two-way sliding metal cone keeps the case aligned and centered as you deburr and slightly chamber the inside lip of the flash-hole.

You can order the tool from Precision Reloading, or order direct from K&M Services, (717) 292-3175.

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