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Varmint Ballisticards®

Price: $15.00

Varmint Ballisticards® are very handy field tools for the varminter. Standard Cards are available in .223, 220 Swift, and 22-250. Among the standard offerings, we find the 22-250 Ballisticard best suited for 50gr-70gr 6BR loads. If you match the bullet and velocity, the data printed on a 22-250 card will work just fine for a 6BR--once the bullet leaves the muzzle, since speed, bullet weight, and wind is all that matter. But you can have custom calculations printed on your cards for a small extra fee. The standard Varmint cards are designed for use with FEDERAL Premium ammunition, or handloads using the same bullets at similar velocities. There is a useful cross-Reference section also provides information for using Ballisticards with other brands of ammunition.

Trajectory is calculated from 50 to 500 yards
200 yard zero
Up/down compensation for shooting on different angles
Wind deflection
Scope clicks (come-ups) for clicking up or down for dead-on point-of-aim
Moving target leads
Detailed instructions and tips are included
Custom Calculations are available. (Advised for 6BR though velocities are very similar to 22-250 for 50-70gr bullets)

Purchase From:
Schwiebert Precision - Ballisticards.com
P.O. Box 74
Atascadero, CA 93423
Phone: (805) 461-3954 / Fax: (805) 461-3954
E-mail: info@ballisticards.com

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