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JLC Precision Bushing Neck-Sizer Die Conversion

Price: $35.00

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JLC Precision Custom FL Dies and Wilson Micro-Seaters
-- Great Accuracy Combined with Superior Value --

Custom dies fitted to your chamber produce the best accuracy and longest brass life. You can order a custom die cut with a chamber reamer for $150-$200. A better solution is offered by Jim Carstensen. Send him a Redding 6BR Body Die, and some fired cases, and he will adapt the die to hold Wilson and Redding neck bushings. On a custom basis, he will hone the die core for perfect, "just right" body sizing/shoulder bumping. Your Cost? Only $35 plus the donor die, plus honing/custom fitting on an hourly rate. (Honing usually runs about $30). Does it work? Yes, just ask Al Nyhus, 2003 IBS Champion, who uses JLC bushing dies for his BR rifles.

JLC Precision (Jim Carstensen)
13095 450th Ave
Bellevue, IA 52031
Shop phone: (563) 689-6258, cell: (563) 212-2984

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