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Harrell's Precision Muzzle Brake

Price: $30.00

Harrell's Precision Muzzle Brake
-- Great product at a great price --

We use a Harrell's unit on all our rifles that wear a muzzle brake. It reduces recoil and muzzle jump dramatically, yet costs a fraction of most other quality brakes on the market. The brakes must be fitted by a professional gunsmith; installation requires threading your barrel. When installed correctly, the brake will not reduce accuracy--Mark Schronce's 6 BR has shot in the ones at 100yards with a Krieger barrel fitted with a Harrell's brake.

Note, muzzle breaks are legal in 600yd and 1000yd BR competition, but are not allowed in 100/200 yd NBRSA or IBS matches.

Harrell's Precision
Lynwood & Walter Harrell
5756 Hickory Drive
Salem, VA 24153
Phone: (540) 380-2683

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