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Wipe-Out Foam Bore Cleaner

Price: $11.00

Wipe-Out and Tipton Carbon Cleaning Rod
-- Less Copper, Less Labor, and Less Harm to your Barrels --
Wipe-Out foam bore cleaner is a godsend. We tried it. It really works. Spray the shaving-cream-like foam into the bore and after a few hours you just patch out all the copper fouling. The copper just vanishes with virtually no labor. It helps to run a couple solvent-soaked patches through the barrel first to get most of the carbon out. But then just plug the breach, squirt in the foam and wait. We found that 8 hours of soaking did a better job on a badly-fouled factory barrel than did a full hour of brushing and patching with Sweets 7.62 solvent, the strongest stuff we know. And you can soak the bore up to 24 hours without harming the steel. Gale McMillan said he'd seen more barrels ruined by improper cleaning than anything else. Wipe-out will reduce the risk of harming your barrel during cleaning, and it will save hours of laborious scrubbing. (In fact it cleans the copper so well, you may find you need 4-6 fouler rounds to get the barrel back to optimum accuracy.)

Many readers have asked us about other brands of Foam Bore cleaners: "Are they all the same?" The answer is no. Some other brands have a much higher concentration of solids so you can get a gunky build-up. Also, Wipe-Out contains an anti-corrosive ingredient so you don't have to worry about rust after use. With some other foam bore cleaners there have been reports of rust starting where the foam had seeped into recesses in the action. Bottom Line: Don't mess around with the imitations. If you use a Foam bore cleaner, stick to Wipe-Out.

Even using Wipe-Out, you still need a good cleaning rod. We've tried them all, and our current favorites are the Tipton carbon fiber rod, and the SharpShoot-R "Lightning Rod" (from the makers of Wipe-Out). The Tipton doesn't pick up grit, it won't harm your barrel, and there is no coating to peel off. The Lightning rod has a nice, compact handle and the coating seemed very durable. We used to use a Dewey, but the plastic coating started chipping off after a season of use. We also had a Bore-Stix rod and the bearings failed. The Tilton isn't perfect--we think the grip is too fat. But it is still a superior product at a very competitive price, $30 from MidwayUSA. Click for Tipton Rod User Reviews.

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