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Stiller Precision Neck-Turning Tool

Price: $75.00

Stiller Precision Eccentric Neck-Turner
-- Poor Man's "Pumpkin" --

There are many quality neck turning tools out there. The micro-adjustable K&M with its unique "doughnut-cutter" is a gem. Many shooters rank Don Nielson's $150 "Pumpkin" as the easiest to use. Jerry Stiller has introduced a large, round neck-turner that works every bit as well as the Pumpkin, at half the price. Like the Pumpkin, Stiller's tool uses an eccentric mandrel for precise adjustability. With a 2" diameter, it's easy on the hands. Stiller's tool uses Pacific Precision cutters (Dave Kiff) and comes in red, blue and green so you can color code them for different barrels or rough vs. final cut. Price is $75 including mandrel from Stiller Precision.

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