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SEB Front Bag

Price: $20.00

We've had our SEB coaxial front rest now for many months and we are impressed with its quality and performance. One of the great features of the SEB Rest is the front sandbag. It employs double-layer construction on the sides and bottom, and has a unique microfiber material on the surfaces contacting the stock. The bottom of the bag is hard and flat, so the bag sits nice and square. We whole-heartedly endorse the SEB front bag -- it is an outstanding product, affordably priced at $20.00.

SEB coaxial rest bag

We've tested both 3"-wide and 2 1/4"-wide SEB front bags and they work great. With guns ranging from 22 lbs. to 10.5 lbs. we've found that that SEB front bags perform very, very well. They hold their shape, and don't "hump up" in the middle. The microfiber material, in our opinion, is superior to either Cordura or untreated leather. Even without stock tape on your gun, the microfiber allows the rifle to slide very easily. With stock tape, friction is super-low. You don't need to put silicone, sailcloth lube, or powder on the front bag -- it's not necessary.

Less Vertical, Better Groups with SEB Front Bag
One of our testers was experiencing vertical when shooting a 6 PPC with a different front bag. He tried both leather and Cordura front bags, and experimented with various amounts of sand fill, but the results were unsatisfactory. The leather and Cordura bags either did not hold their shape, or, with more sand fill, they were too hard and the gun jumped. Then our tester switched to a SEB front bag. He noticed an immediate improvement in gun handling and his targets showed reduced vertical with the same load. Problem solved. That tester is now consistently shooting groups in the low- to mid-ones off a SEB rest with SEB front bag.

While the SEB front bag is optimized for use with the SEB coaxial rest, it can be adapted to other front rest tops. The standard version is made from black microfiber with brown leather, but it is also available with black leather sides. The standard vertical thickness for the 3" or 2 1/4" section between the ears is approximately 1", but other dimensions are available on request. The latest SEB front bags have a filler spout on each side.

SEB front bags are available in the USA from Paul Schmid in Ohio, (330) 684-2596, email: coyote [at] zoominternet.net . Call for current pricing. Price of standard SEB front bag in the USA is $20.00, while a SEB front bag for the big Farley Rest is $25.00.

SEB coaxial rest bag

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