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Remington 700 Replacement Bolt

Price: $175.00
Availability: in stock

Dave Kiff of Pacific, Tool & Gauge (PT&G) has been making complete replacement bolts for Remington 700 actions for quite some time, but many of our readers may not be aware of this PT&G product. Why would one need a replacement bolt? First, this allows you to have different bolt-face sizes for the same action. For example, with two bolts you could shoot both a .308 Win and a 300 WSM from the same action. Second, the PT&G bolts are precision machined to the internal dimensions of your action. If you are having your Rem 700 action blue-printed (accurized) by a gunsmith, a new bolt from PT&G completes the job perfectly, and will give you a more precise-fitting bolt with less internal slop.

Pacific Tool Gauge Remington Bolt

As Vince Bottomley explains, it may actually be more cost-effective to purchase a new bolt, rather than have your existing bolt milled and machined in the blue-printing process: "Accurizing a Rem 700 action is not a simple or cheap process. A lot of the work will be to the bolt itself -- truing the lugs, skimming the bolt-face, fitting a Sako style extractor, new bolt-knob and maybe a new firing-pin. Even then, unless you have the bolt sleeved, it will rattle like the old clunker it probably is! Don't waste your money! Go for one of the replacement bolts from Pacfic Tool & Gauge. PT&G offers a new bolt complete with new bolt-handle, firing pin, spring etc and the bolts come in different diameters so that you can get one to exactly fit your Remington action. This of course requires some accurate measuring, so it's best to get your gunsmith to order the bolt. They are [a great] value and will cost a lot less than up-grading your existing bolt."

Pacific Tool Gauge Remington Bolt

Rem 700 replacement bolts start at about $125.00 for the bolt body only (complete bolts are also offered). PT&G bolts are available with either a standard Remington extractor or a Sako-style extractor, with .223, PPC, .308, or magnum bolt faces. The tolerances rival that of the bolts found in custom actions. You can order direct from PT&G in Oregon, (541) 826-5808, or you can purchase through vendors such as MidwayUSA.com, (bodies only, search for "PTG Bolt Body"). If you want a custom spec bolt, it's probably best to have your gunsmith deal directly with Dave Kiff at Pacific Tool.

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