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Forster Co-Ax® Press

Price: $220.00
Prod. Code: 028271

The Forster Co-Ax® Press is the "Cadillac" of reloading presses. If you have any doubts as to how well the Co-Ax works, just "ask the man who owns one." Ace shooter Jerry Tierney has a Forster Co-Ax and he's found that it produces ammo with less run-out than many other conventional "O"-style presses for threaded dies. The Co-Ax's spring-loaded shell holder jaws float with the die, allowing cases to correctly center in the die. Dies snap easily in and out of the jaws so you can change dies in a couple of seconds.

We really like the primer recovery system on the Co-Ax. Spent primers pass straight down into a cup -- no more primers and carbon on the carpet. Every other single-stage press we've tried will toss a spent primer now and then, and primer residue builds up around the ram shaft.

PROS: Floating jaw shell-holder design delivers low run-out ammo. Smooth stroke without wobble. Best spent-primer collection system.

CONS: Clearance can be an issue with some very tall dies (but you can mill the yoke to accommodate). Dies must be equipped with cross-bolt style lock rings. We recommend the Hornady lock-rings.

If you need power for case sizing, the Co-Ax delivers three times the mechanical advantage of some conventional presses. The Co-Ax's dual parallel guide-rod design also ensures that the ram movement is straight and smooth throughout the power stroke. With a center-mounted handle, the Co-Ax works equally well for both right- and left-handed reloaders.

The Co-Ax press accepts any standard 7/8"x14 threaded reloading die. You will need to use cross-bolt-style lock-rings on your dies. We recommend the Hornady rings. These are steel and have a hex-head cross-bolt.

The Co-Ax requires no expensive shell-holders. The standard "S" jaw set supplied with the press fits nearly all common calibers except except: 22 Hornet, 378 Wby., 45-70, 256 Win. Mag., 44 S&W, 416 Rigby, 416 Rem., 45-90 and 348 Win. These calibers can be used if you purchase the optional "LS" Jaws.

If you're working in a limited space, or are using the press with mostly small cases that require minimal effort to resize, you can fit an optional short handle to the Co-Ax. Forster item SH1000, the short handle has a comfortable ball top and retails for about $18.00 street price. It is simple to install on the existing Co-Ax yoke.

Here are reviews from MidwayUSA customers that own the Co-Ax:

"I have used them all, and the Co-Ax is the best there is. No other press can deliver the 'flat liners' like the Co-Ax. I load competition rounds [High power]. The Co-Ax is the only one I trust." -- C. Williams, MD

"Powerful, smooth compound leverage. Fast die setup. Universal shell holder jaws work like a charm. Primer catcher is a plus." -- J. Baker, NY

"I have owned a Forster CO-AX for several years it is a joy to use! Sized neck & bullet runout are less than .001. Do your self a favor put out the money for a CO-AX first, you will not be disapointed." -- D.C. Martin, IN

"Very smooth operation, very precise tolerances and to top it off, no shell holders to worry about. I just resized 100 .308 cases and there wasn't a speck of dirt or primer residue anywhere, except in the collection jar." -- G. O'Neal, AR

"The Forster Co-Ax press is the best single-stage press made, bar none. I have had the problem with Hornady seating die stems not clearing the yoke. I just cut the stem off. It is too long to begin with. As others have said, you must use the cross-bolt style of lock ring with this press. The Forster cross bolt lock ring costs too much, is made of aluminum and uses an archaic slotted screw. Use the Hornady Sure-loc lock ring. It costs less, is made of steel and uses a socket head screw." T. Little, UT

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