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Plano AirGlide™ Rifle Case

Price: $30.00

Among injection-molded plastic rifle cases, Plano’s AirGlide™ case is unique in holding a rifle vertically, in foam cradles. This allows ample room for the 3"-wide fore-ends on BR and Varmint rifles. The foam blocks front and rear can even be trimmed for a custom fit, while velcro webbing straps hold the rifle securely. The AirGlide’s hinged top-opening lid provides ample clearance for large target scopes, with no side load on the turrets. (We’ve found that some eggcrate foam-lined gun cases can put enough side-pressure on scope knobs to alter your zero.) There is also enough clearance that you can keep your rifle wrapped in a rust-fighting Bore Store synthetic bag, inside the AirGlide. (Storing your rifle for a long period in a conventional foam-lined gun case is a bad idea because the foam will absorb moisture and actually promote rust.) Measuring 51 1/2"L x 7 3/4"W x 12 1/4"H, the AirGlide can easily handle rifles up to 50" in length. That should hold BR rifles with barrels up to 29".

Plano AirGlide Rifle Case Guncase

Plano AirGlide Rifle Case Guncase

Priced attractively, ($29.97 at Sportsman’ Guide), the AirGlide has proven very popular with Varmint shooters and BR competitors. We’re told that, at last year’s West Pennsylvania Groundhog Shooting Championships, 30% of the competitors stowed their rifles in Plano AirGlides. Lockable and airline-approved, the Plano AirGlide offers excellent performance for the price.

• Foam inserts and straps help protect and secure your gun
• Heavy duty latches and hinges with solid brass hardware
• Oversized, sturdy carry handle for convenience
• Airline-approved and Lockable
• Color: Black | Dimensions: 51 1/2 x 7 3/4 x 11 1/4"

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