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Lyman Trigger Pull Gauge

Price: $47.00
Availability: in stock

We’ve used this Lyman gauge, and believe that it is the best product of its kind on the market currently. It is accurate and repeatable, and easy to use (with a bit of practice). Using modern electronic strain gauge technology, the Lyman tool measures pull weights from 0 to 12 pounds, with accuracy of ± 0.10 ounces (one-tenth of an ounce.). The battery-powered gauge is equipped with a large, easy-to-read LCD display and is push-button operated for zero, clear, and averaging functions. We’ve tested this gauge back to back with conventional coil spring trigger scales made by other manufacturers. The Lyman electronic gauge is faster, and in our opinion, significantly more repeatable. Some of the metal spring gauges tend to stick in a position, which requires multiple attempts to avoid a reading that is slightly high or low. The Lyman is more fool-proof to operate by contrast.

Lyman Electronic Digital Trigger Pull Gauge

The Lyman Electronic Digital Trigger Pull Gauge, Lyman product #7832248, normally retails for about $47.00 but you can sometimes find it on sale for about $42.00. This includes a vinyl storage case, but you have to purchase the required 9-volt battery separately.

Owners of the Lyman Trigger Pull Gauge give it very high marks. Here are some user reviews from MidwayUSA.com:

"I have used both RCBS models as well as an NRA-approved scale set for setting triggers now for over 10 years. This gauge by Lyman is by far the best of any I have tried. After comparing the Lyman to the weighted NRA model. The weights recorded by both scales are identical. The big difference is with the NRA set it takes you 3-4 minutes to get an accurate measurement while fumbling with the specific weights, making sure the rifle is aligned properly, etc. With the Lyman, it is INSTANT!! No more guessing or hoping you're doing it right. It's darn near foolproof. The averages button is a great feature, the automatic shutoff is a great feature as well." -- T. Maxon

"This unit is extremely easy to use. The readings I obtained were consistent and seemed accurate. The auto off feature is very nice, what with senility starting to creep my way. I am able to make an adjustment and quickly test it, investing most of my time on the trigger job and not the testing tool. A real time saver, easy to setup and use, it's flexible, the auto-off feature is great, ergonomics are fine, it makes the job more fun, I love it." -- D. Dennis

"Overall a great product. It is not complex and is easy to use. Care must be taken to keep the gauge consistently in line with the bore and pressure straight back or the differing angles will alter your results some but if you are careful to use it properly it will give you consistent accurate readings." -- D. Takas

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