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Protektor DR Rear Bag

Price: $80.00

Protektor DR ("Doctor") Bag: The new top-of-the-line Protektor DR Rear Bag rivals the Edgewood for "best in class" honors. Gunsmith and top 1000-yard shooter Mark King has worked on the design of this bag, and it performs great.

Jason Baney reports: "The bag is awesome. It works way better for me than the more expensive bag I used to have. The bag holds its shape better and with the extra-long, low ears, the gun tracks incredibly well. Filled with Zircon sand, the DR Bag weighs about 15.5 lbs and is super-stable. You can get either leather or cordura ears. I recommend Cordura.

Used with Sinclair's silicon spray, the Cordura is unbelieveable--super-smooth recoil with no grabbing or binding. Get this--when I dialed up the angle for the 300-yard stops (five degrees or so) the gun could slide by GRAVITY alone. Even when I clamped the ears tight it still slid. I got whacked in the forehead by the scope for the first time cause it was so slick." The DR bag costs about $80 and can be ordered filled (at extra cost). You have a choice of high or low ears, and any width of flat between the ears. For stocks with a half-inch flat on the bottom, Mark King recommends 3/8" spacing between the ears.

The DR bag is a special order item, available directly from Protektor:
1-11 Bridge Street
Galeton, PA 16922
(814) 435-2442

A similar bag, with shorter ears and smaller footprint is sold by Sinclair International, item BAG40, priced $61.00.

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