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Forster Full-Length Sizing Die

Price: $28.50

Semi-Custom Full-Length Sizing Die From Forster
Every 6BR shooter needs a full-length sizing die to bump the shoulder back when bolt lift gets stiff or the cases are hard to chamber. In addition, we strongly recommend you full-length size every case that will be neck-turned. Also, when running hot charges a FL die will often work better than just neck-sizing your cases. Most top 6PPC shooters full-length size their brass after every firing since they run pretty high-pressure loads.

You can order a full custom die for up to $200, or a full-length bushing die from Redding or Harrell's. But neither the Redding or the Harrell bushing dies will size the neck all the way down to its base. And we think bushing dies can contribute to doughnut formation at the neck-shoulder junction. The answer to that is a full-length die with the neck reamed to the exact diameter you want. Forster offers an inexpensive way to do this--Forster will hone the neck of a Forster 6mm BR FL sizing die (item #018121) to your specs for just $10! It's vital to have the neck diameter opened up because the stock Forster FL die, like all factory 6BR FL dies, works the neck too much, reducing it down to .260" or so. What you want, for a .271-.272" necked chamber, is about a .267-.2675" neck diameter before you seat the bullet. That gives you about .002" tension on a neck that measures .269" diam. with a bullet in place. With moly bullets, .003" tension is recommended. With our no-turn 6BR brass we use a FL sizing die with the neck reamed to provide about .002" tension. This provides perfect one-pass sizing, very good concentricity, and NO Doughnuts. To enjoy these benefits, start with a 6BR Forster Benchrest die, part #018121, then send it in to Forster. They will ream the neck to the dimension you specify for just $10 plus $4.50 shipping. Forster says to allow for about .002" springback on the brass, meaning you want a .265" die to get a .267" neck (before bullet seating). We've observed springback to be less with Lapua brass (about .0015"), so you may prefer to specify a .266" die for a .267" neck. Send your die (with a note listing the neck diameter you want) to: Forster Products, Attn. Customer Service, 310 E. Lanark Avenue, Lanark, Illinois 61046.

USER REPORT: Steve Rasmussen (IowaHighPower.com) ordered a set of Forster dies, with necks honed in .001" increments. Here's his report: "I just got my dies from Forster today. Time from mailing my die to today was 9 days. The original die sized the necks down a lot, less than 0.260", .256" if I recall correctly. I sent my die in and asked if they could supply two more FL dies (for three total) to have the necks honed to 0.265", 0.266", and 0.267". The cost was $10 on my supplied die and $38.50 plus $10.00 for each additional die, return shipping $11.00 via USPS Priority Mail. [Editor's Note: you can get a Forster FL die for about $29.00 from vendors such as Grafs or MidwayUSA, and still send the die to Forster to be honed to size.] Below are the neck diameter range of 10 sized cases using each die. Brass springback after sizing is running 1 to 1.3 thousandths. My loaded rounds measure 0.2697-0.2699 using Lapua brass."

Die DiameterSized BrassSpringbackNeck Tension
0.267 Die0.2683-0.26840.00130.0014
0.266 Die0.2672-0.26740.00130.0025
0.265 Die0.2659-0.26600.00100.0039

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