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Bullet Comparator > Hornady 75gr V-Max
Hornady 75gr V-Max

Price: $14.50
Prod. Code: Hornady # 22420

This bullet is an ideal choice for a versatile varmint round that has good velocity, yet bucks the wind much better than the light 55-65gr bullets. Everyone tells us it shoots very well in their guns, with accuracy that comes very close to the flat-based custom match bullets. Sub 1/2" groups are common with a wide variety of powders. The 75 V-max excels with around 31gr of VV N135 which will take it to 3300 fps. This bullet is also a bargain. You can often find it on sale for about $13.00/100.

BC = .330

A 1:12" Twist is ideal, but users are reporting the bullet will stabilize in a 1:14" above 3300 fps.

User Review from MidwayUSA.com:
"Wow! Fantastic accuracy, excellent performance, very consistent at both. A 75gr V-Max is pure coyote poison! I have NEVER had a coyote run away from this bullet. If you will do your job, the 75gr V-Max will do its. Very accurate, and predictable perfomace seem to be the calling card of this bullet. I have never had one that over-penetrated, very important when hunting around cattle. Expands reliably at even low, long-range velocities. Expansion is violent, to say the least! Laser-accurate, and rattlesnake deadly. This bullet folds coyotes up like cheap billfolds....every time." -- D. Herod, TX

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