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Bullet Comparator > Clinch River 106gr VLD
Clinch River 106gr VLD

Price: $30.00
Prod. Code: CR 6-106

These new VLDs are almost identical to the CR 100s, but with a heavier core. The 106s features a 13 degree Secant ogive, with a 9 degree x .180 long boat-tail.

BC = .550 Estimated.

Clinch River Outfitters
P.O. Box 818 - 120 Sawmill Road
Norris, TN 37828
Main Office: (865) 805-1036; if no answer: (865) 389-0745

REVIEW: "106 Clinch River: If the Lapua 105gr Scenar is then 6mm gold standard, the Clinch River is the diamond. The only problem with the CR is getting your hands on them. Like a lot of small bullet makers, Greg Seigmund has more orders than there are hours in the day so availability is not a 1-800 call away. I generally place an order several months in advance of a perceived need and make the order large enough to hold me for a long time. With all that said, the CR is really an incredibly good bullet, worth every penny of its premium price. It has slightly better wind resistance than the Lapua and all of the accuracy. I've always had great results seating it 0.005" into the lands. Greg also makes a 100 grain version of this bullet, but I haven't tried it." --German Salazar, Moderator, ShootersJournal.com.

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