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Bullet Comparator > DTAC 115 VLD (Sierra Tubb Special)
DTAC 115 VLD (Sierra Tubb Special)

Price: $18.00
Prod. Code: DTAC 115gr

This is a new bullet, originally crafted by Sierra for David Tubb. He used it, in a one-off 7.5 twist Schneider barrel, to win Camp Perry in 2004. But tests have shown it stabilizes just fine at 3000 fps in a 1:8 barrel. At the current time, the bullet is available only from Zediker (Superior Shooting Systems). This bullet holds the NRA National High Power Long Range Rifle record of 1450/1450 the first (and only) perfect score ever fired (2004 Camp Perry). For more information, with details from David Tubb himself, read this Message Board Thread.

Pricing (for 500-count boxes) is $18.00 per hundred /$90 per box
Moly coated or uncoated for the same price

Estimated BC = .585 above 2850 fps

Order from:
Superior Shooting Systems (DavidTubb.com)
Order Phone: (806) 323-9488

Reader's Notes: "I shot next to Tubbs at the RMPM in June and picked up a couple of his 115's. They look like smaller 142gr. 6.5mm's. I did some interpilation using the form factor of the 142 and came up with a BC of 0.570 compared to the 142's 0.595. This may be too heavy for the standard 6BR, but just the ticket in the 6XC and some of the improved BR's."
-- Larry Bartholome

So how does it shoot? Amazingly well. Here is one of David's first field reports:

"Finally got an almost calm, overcast day in the Texas Panhandle. I shot the 6mmXC with the new 115gr bullet at 3020 fps (8th firing on the cases; 85 degrees) through a Scheider 5 groove, 7.5 twist polygonal, 29.5 inches long. Load was Russian primers, Hogdgon 4350, and 6XC brass with a moly-coated bullet. The group started with the first X fired -- took about 4 shots to get all centered up. We use white pasters on the black when group shooting -- it is a very good training aid since you can see all of your previous shots through a spotting scope while shooting. The group is a little taller than 6.25" elevation for 20 shots. The amazing thing to me is there are no unexplained shots with the 6XC and when you figure in the fact that I shot it prone it makes it a pretty good group. I shot one 20 shot group (same bullet, diffferent barrel) about a month ago (mid-June) that was 5.5" elevation for 20 shots -- only the wind was blowing and the windage was 15"+.

By the way, the 6mm 115gr DTAC at 3020 fps drifts about 2" less than a Sierra 142 in 6.5mm at 2950." -- David Tubb

Photo: David and son Wyatt in front of 1000 yard target. 20-shot group fired by David prone with scope, using 115gr in 6mmXC.

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