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Berger 80gr Varmint

Price: $16.00
Prod. Code: Berger 60-243080M

Very accurate and very deadly on varmints. It is a good choice for short-range paper punching too. Now called the 80gr "Varmint" these are the same as the "MEF" line sold in the past. They have a large hollowpoint and are very accurate. Berger also makes an 80gr Flat Base Match bullet with a BC of .314. 17VLD reported " I shot the best group of my life with the [match] Berger 80 -- an .057" f1ve shot group at 100yds." Recommended twist is 1:12 or 1:10.

$18 for Moly version. Best Price is from: ExtremeAccuracy

BC = .278 (MEF)
BC = .314 (Match)

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