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Euber 108gr VLD

Price: $28.00
Prod. Code: Euber 6-108

Allie Euber offers one of the heaviest bullets available to 6mm shooters. Euber's 108gr VLD is very long, so it may require extending your barrel throat to keep the bullet base above the doughnut area. Range reports don't suggest that it otherwise holds any accuracy advantage over the much less expensive Sierra 107gr MK, but the jackets may hold up better at high velocities than the Bergers, so this can be a good choice for a .243 AI or 6-284. The bearing surface is extremely long and straight so watch your pressures. In the first lot we thought the meplat was relatively large, and this contributed to lower-than-expected BC figures in field testing.

Claimed BC = .540+
Field Tested BC (first lot): .460

Editor's Note: "The BC of the Euber 6mm, 108 grain VLD bullet, in its first lot number, is 0.46 at best. I measured the muzzle velocity and the time of flight to 287.6 yards simultaneously and accurately to establish the BC. The BC bullet makers give for their bullets tend to be on the optimistic side; I can understand that but it is a bit hard to argue with accurate simultaneous muzzle instrumental velocity and time of flight data." HBC, Ballistics Editor

Order from:
Euber Bullets
No. Orwell Road
Orwell, VT 05760
(802) 948-2621

User Report (from Lynn): "The Eubers need more throat to get best accuracy.I tried 800 of them in 6BR and using my standard load lost a little accuracy. I sent some to Henry Childs for evaluation and they are extremely consistant but a tad low on bc. If you're using the 107 Sierra as your baseline the Eubers will engage the barrel 0.076" further up so you need a longer throat to keep them away from the donut. The 115 Tubb is only 0.046" longer than the Sierra and is actualy 0.030" shorter than the Euber. I shoot the Eubers in my 6mm-06 and they will handle 3500 fps without coming apart enroute to the target. In a 6br you woud need a much longer throat in my opinion and then accuracy should be just as good as The Clinch Rivers or sorted Sierras."

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