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Berger 105gr VLD

Price: $21.66
Prod. Code: Berger # 60-243105V

This very low drag projectile works really well out of some bbls, not as good as the Sierra 107 in others. Harold Seagroves used this bullet to win the Hickory 500yd Groundhog shoot (with a record score) and it is very popular among 600yd BR shooters. The Berger 105 is used in Norma's factory 6mm BR ammunition built for 300m competition so you know it's accurate. If you've got a 1:8 twist barrel you should definitely try a box. Claimed BC = .565. Field Tested BC = .535*

*"I have measured the BC of the Berger 6mm, 105 grain VLD many many times [in the field with an accoustic target] and find the reported BC of 0.565 to be a bit high. It normally runs in the 0.53 to 0.54 area. (In contrast, I have measured the BC of the Berger 6mm, 115 grain VLD and 6.5mm, 140 grain VLD and find the BCs of those bullets reported by Berger to be accurate.)" - Henry ("HBC" on Benchrest Central)

USER REPORT: "In my 6br & 6BS (6BR imp) the Berger VLDs like it .010" to .020" until the rifling makes a square mark on the bullet- And about .004" grip on the bullet so it does not move. Work up your load with Varget & CCI BR or Fed 205. And welcome to the world of the VLD's they can drive you crazy some times."--Mark Schronce

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