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Clinch River 100gr VLD

Price: $30.00
Prod. Code: CR 6-100

These new VLDs are almost identical to the CR 106s, but with a lighter core. (The 106s are a 13 degree Secant ogive, 9 degree x .180 long BT). Many shooters are finding that the CR 100gr is the most accurate long distance bullet you can buy. We've already seen some sub 5" groups at 1000 yards. Bounty Hunter writes: "[I use] 100 gr Clinch Rivers sorted by bearing surface with Buhay Ogive checker .... It is accurate as heck and quality is the highest."

BC = .520 Estimated.
Recommended Twist = 1:8

Order from:
Clinch River Outfitters
P.O. Box 818 - 120 Sawmill Road
Norris, TN 37828
Main Office: (865) 805-1036; if no answer: (865) 389-0745

Comment by HBC, Ballistics Editor:
"I have shot the 100 in three consecutive 1000 yard Nationals, two IBS and one NBRSA and find they shoot very good. My best finish was, I believe, 6th. in light gun score at Quantico in 2003 and best Heavy Gun score, with a light rifle, at Byers last year, both with the 100 C.R. At Ohio this year, the lock mechanism failed on the rifle I shot at Byers, so I had to go to my backup rifle shooting ammo developed for the #1 rifle but did manage a 4.054" five-shot group.

I have measured the BC of the 6mm, 106 C.R. at 0.55 and the 100 C.R. at 0.51 to 0.52 on several occasions. Since both bullets have the same exterior shape, one simply divides 0.55 (BC of the 106 C.R.) by 1.06 to get 0.519 for the 100 C.R. which is in agreement with my actual field tests with the Oehler M43's over 102 and 288 yards simultaneously."

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