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Fowler 80gr FB

Price: $18.00
Prod. Code: Fowler 6-80

Jeff Fowler's 80gr flat-base bullet offers match-grade accuracy, with better long-range performance than the 65s and 68s. Optimized for a 1:12 twist barrel, this is a good choice for long-distance varminting or competitive groundhog shoots. Estimated BC = .360 . Price based on 500ct order.

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Jef Fowler
Phone: (704) 867-3259
Fowler Bullets
Note: 250ct sample packs available.

Readers' Comments
Mark Schronce has had great results with this bullet in both a 1:12 Lilja and a 1:8 Krieger. They group in the ones at 100yards, and he's gotten 4" aggs at 600 yards, while winning a couple of Egg Shoots. Full Report.

Rich De writes: "I have shot both the 80 Fowlers and 100 [Clinch Rivers]'s. In windy weather, you might as well go home and save ammo with the flat base Fowlers at 600 yards. On a good day, you could easily find yourself in the winners circle."

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