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Lapua 105gr Scenar

Price: $26.00
Prod. Code: Lapua # 4PL6045

This 105gr VLD is Lapua's flagship bullet for long-distance 6mm shooters. Weights are very consistent and concentricity has been very good in the samples we've tested. You don't see them used as often as the Sierra 107s, probably because of the price. At $26 per box list price they cost more than the 107gr Sierras. But E. Arthur Brown sells them for $21/100 with a 500-bullet minimum order. And recently, Powder Valley, offered bulk pricing of $168/1000. Ask for item LAPHL6045.

Recommended twist is 1:8.

BC = .530 and that's a bit understated, if anything.

We've now tested a couple hundred Lapua Scenar 105s and we are VERY impressed with this bullet. At 100 yards, it has produced 3-shot groups in the Ones and Twos (0.165-0.29) with four different powders, and velocities from 2720 fps to 2920+ fps. The Scenars were not fussy about OAL. They shot well seated from .005" to .020" into the lands, or jumped .005-.012". Notably, bullet weights and base to ogive lengths are extremely consistent--as good as we've seen with any mass-produced bullets. Concentricity is excellent. The only issue we've found is that Scenar's jacket seems vulnerable to nicks or burrs on the case mouth--the jacket material will tear more readily than with Sierras. This is not a problem, however, if you chamfer your case mouths properly and run an expander through any necks that are dented.

"This is the gold standard of 300 Meter bullets. By that I mean this is the bullet that any newcomer needs to beat if it's going to earn a place on your bench. Day in, day out, Lapua 105s will deliver breathtaking accuracy at 300 Meters and will resist wind as well as any other bullet I've tried and better than most. If you like weighing and sorting bullets, Lapuas will bore you to death with their consistency. I prefer to buy bullets that have already been QC’d at the factory, so Lapua fits the bill for me. Seat them 0.005" into the lands. --German Salazar, Moderator, ShootersJournal.com.

Reader Comment
"I found Lapua 105s group at least a minute higher at 600 than S107MKs when loaded with the same charge of Varget, in the same cases, with the same primers, out of the same rifle, on the same day. Velocity was within 10fps of being identical over my old M33 chrono. The only logical conclusion I could come up with is that the Scenar's BC must be considerably better (relative to the S107's) than what the catalogs show. The 107's is shown as .527, while Lapua claims only .530 for their 105. There's little doubt in my mind that the Lapua is also the most accurate bullet I've shot out of my BR Improved to date at 600 - I'm looking forward to [comparing] them to JLK 105 VLDs at 1000." -- Flatlander

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