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Berger 95gr VLD

Price: $21.66
Prod. Code: Berger # 60-243095V

Recommended Twist is 1:9. Quite a few folks are giving this bullet serious consideration as a faster-running alternative to the Sierra 107s, for 600 yards. You can drive the 95gr VLD 3000+ fps with a long barrel. Claimed BC = .524, but that may be a bit optimistic.

Note, freebore is an issue with this bullet. It has a VERY short bearing surface for its weight. Optimal Freebore is .035-.055. If your gun is throated for the Sierra 107gr MK, you may not have enough case neck to seat the Berger 95 VLD in the lands where it likes to be. Conversely, if you short throat your barrel to run the Bergers, you'll have to seat the 105-107 class bullets down in the doughnut area. One of our guns has a .080" Freebore. We were able to shoot the Berger 95 effectively from an 8-twist PacNoc 3-groove. Seated .010" into the lands there was .135" of shank in the neck. That wasn't much, but it worked, even with fairly soft neck tension.

For those with a short throat set for the 60-70gr match bullets the Berger is a very good choice for 500-600m shooting, so long as you have at least a 1:9" twist. Weight and bearing surface length on this bullet was quite consistent with the samples we measured. However, we found a few bullets per box where the bullet OAL was quite long or short. How this may affect accuracy we can't say, but we recommend culling bullets that are more than .007" longer or shorter than average.

Re twist rates: For the Berger, 95gr grain VLD, I would recommend an 8" twist for match shooting down to 30 F, 100 feet above sea level and 30.3" Hg corrected barometric pressure. A 9" twist under those conditions would not produce best groups. Further estimates on grouping precision based only on tip-off rates and in-bore yaw indicate that at 5000 feet above sea level, 29.92" Hg corrected baro. and 85 F, the 8" twist would be superior on grouping precision than either a 9" or 10" twist.
-- HBC, 6mmBR.com Ballistics Editor

We have a few reports from folks with 10-twist barrels that say the stablize fine out to 600 yards, at least in some conditions. Darryl K reports: "I shoot the 95 grain VLD's out of a straight 6BR with a 1 in 10 barrel. I am using them to pop prairie dogs at 400 yards and beyond. They work in warm air at my elevation (2950 ft.) just fine." David Stripling tells us the 95s stabilize fine in his 1:10" Krieger, using his 6BR AI case. Speed obviously helps with stabilization.

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