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BIB 95gr FB

Price: $22.50
Prod. Code: BIB 95gr FB

BIB's new 95-grainers may be the ultimate bullet for 10-twist 6mm barrels. These measure about 1.073" OAL, and the base to ogive length is extremely consistent--we measured 25 and they were all within .001" in base to ogive measurement. We're sending some out to a few top triggermen for testing. Based on what we've seen they look very promising. Randy tells us: "The BC calculates to 0.45, so it will likely be more in the .42-.44 area (slightly lower BC has been the experience with my other Niemi dies). For this bullet, the ideal twist-rate is 1:10". However, they should work well even with 7/8" twist tubes, so long as MVs are 3100 FPS or less--we have yet to test their max RPM tolerance."

Randy tells us: "For the time being, I will accept orders for a minimum of 500, based upon a price of $240.00 per 1000, plus shipping. Shipping for either 500 or 1000 will be the same: $10.50."

Estimated BC: 0.42-.043

Order from:

BIB Bullet Co.

(515) 438-4010

P.O. Box 72

Madrid, IA 50156

email: bibrob@netins.net

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